2.0 Coffee Shops in Paris


We, as Parisians, love spending time in the cafés. Whether to meet some friends, to read, to type on our keyboards, or simply to stalk the passersby – yes we do that. A freshly pressed juice during warm days or a hot chocolate when it’s colder, “un café, s’il vous plaît !” classic. So French. Goodbye terraces, let’s welcome the new versions of coffee shops! Disruptive and hybrid, they give a fresh breath to the city of light! What are we looking for at first? Good products, nice deco, tasty food? Ok that’s instagrammable, go!

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From Milano to Firenze: the road to la dolce vita


As seen from my previous articles about several hotels, I firstly spent a few days in Milano then went to Firenze! I haven’t been traveling that much lately but I’m definitely working on the travel section of the blog! It also seems like there’s a lot of Italy around here too… stay tuned, I’m on it, fun things are coming soon. For now, let’s see what we spotted in both cities.

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OFF Paris Seine, the floating hotel


Approaching the second half of September, the end of summer is slowly echoing. From a day to another, Paris’ weather went from 32 degrees sunshine to rainy 20… Now that the sky looks more like a glass of milk rather than the Mediterranean sea, let me tell you more about one of the hottest place that just opened in the French capital. Being stuck in Paris is not always a bad thing because there is continuously something going on here and there. But yes, we will all be dreaming about the other side of the globe…! Novelties, launches and openings are surrounding you, you just have to open your eyes to break the routine, so no excuse for boredom!

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1.618 Paris’ curation at northmodern


I was in the world’s happiest country two weeks ago: Denmark. You surely know it if you follow me on Instagram. northmodern opened its door from August 18th to 20th. The danish design fair is growing rapidly, presenting its fourth edition this month. With an extensive selection of high-end brands, visitors came across the world to discover the latest trends.

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