11 Howard, the design-centric boutique hotel in Soho


With a very minimalist front, 11 Howard is located at the eponym street in the eclectic district of Soho. The 221 rooms take you with a direct flight to Scandinavia. Andra Andrei teamed up with Space Copenhagen to create this coveted residence…

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Architectural Digest Design Show 2017 in NYC


The Architectural Digest Design Show is currently ongoing. The fair is held from March 16th to 19th in New York City at Piers 92/94. For this 16th edition, more than 400 brands are covering all parts of the home from the living room to the kitchen through the bathroom. I am attending my first trade show in the city. Let’s have a closer look at it!

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Washington DC: an unexpected culinary adventure


Hi guys, I’ve been focusing on travel a lot more lately. Today is all about the United States of America’s capital. Or, kind of. I originally had something in mind for this article but ended up with a total different angle. We won’t necessarily go to Washington DC to ‘foodtravel’ but circumstances take you somewhere else.

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Silavadee, a peaceful nest in Koh Samui


Hello 2017! The last few weeks were very busy: basically a lot of paperwork to do before loads of projects coming up! When my first semester came to an end, all I needed was to get some time far away from Paris. Guess what? Tickets to fly to Thailand were booked a week ahead! No no, this is not craziness, just pragmatism! Life is too short to make plans, you never know what happens next. So, here is the situation. I spent two weeks in the land of smiles, split into one week in Bangkok and the other one in Koh Samui. Although I was supposed to visit other islands but you know, things don’t always work the way you want.

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Zoom: Dorothée Contour, JEM


Dorothée Contour, 34 years old, is at the head of JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded, a French jewellery house at the crossroads of ethical commitment, minimalism and poetical philosophy. This collective project gathers several talents and embraces a lucid jewellery. Mixing the immaterial that is transparency and consciousness with the tangible and the preciousness of the materials, the aesthetics of the pieces translate into a timeless elegance. She is convinced that tomorrow’s business model must be embellished by a sustainable environment through authenticity and sincerity.

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Shades of Hygge in Copenhagen


In Denmark, a study shows that almost 80% of the inhabitants trust others when the global average reaches 25%. This caught my attention and I wanted to know more about it. I briefly visited the city a few months ago and really liked the atmosphere, the way people live and the city itself. When back to Paris, I had one thing in my mind: to go back and learn more about the culture.

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SP34, the cozy spot in the Danish capital


What a good idea to go back to Copenhagen at the end of the year! Cold and windy, facing the weather, in the end, all you need is a warm and cozy place to rest at night. Located in the Latin Quarter of the Danish capital, the SP34 hotel opened in April 2014 and has its doors right opened to welcome you within an original Scandinavian haven.

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