Washington DC: an unexpected culinary adventure


Hi guys, I’ve been focusing on travel a lot more lately. Today is all about the United States of America’s capital. Or, kind of. I originally had something in mind for this article but ended up with a total different angle. We won’t necessarily go to Washington DC to ‘foodtravel’ but circumstances take you somewhere else.

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Temple Run in Bangkok


Backpack on, t-shirts out and let’s go! New adventures are always exciting. I haven’t been to a lot of places in Asia yet but I’m working on it little by little. There are so many countries, cities and spots to see across the world that I’ll do my best to get to know as many as I can. Here we go, welcome to the land of smiles!

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Shades of Hygge in Copenhagen


In Denmark, a study shows that almost 80% of the inhabitants trust others when the global average reaches 25%. This caught my attention and I wanted to know more about it. I briefly visited the city a few months ago and really liked the atmosphere, the way people live and the city itself. When back to Paris, I had one thing in my mind: to go back and learn more about the culture.

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From Milano to Firenze: the road to la dolce vita


As seen from my previous articles about several hotels, I firstly spent a few days in Milano then went to Firenze! I haven’t been traveling that much lately but I’m definitely working on the travel section of the blog! It also seems like there’s a lot of Italy around here too… stay tuned, I’m on it, fun things are coming soon. For now, let’s see what we spotted in both cities.

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Un Giro de Gondola in Venezia

Venice, Italy © Anna Tai
   After arriving, a couple hours is needed in order to settle at the hotel, take a shower, so the adventure can begin. Walking around the neighborhood is a good way to discover the secret places. Once arrived at the Rialto market, I firstly saw gondolas and decided to have a tour. Such a nice way to travel this way, slowly, peacefully. Looking around by the movement of water, sometimes even stuck in traffic, what a funny situation it was! It is also very surprising not to see any cars, different and uncommon but this is what makes the city’s charm. Not to be missed is the well known gelato of course. It may seem anodyne but it is part of life’s little pleasures which emphasizes a big part of what you can do and what can cheer you up. Enjoy the simple things and the simplest things!

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London Calling: 10 days in the most visited city in the world!

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time now, about three weeks I haven’t posted a proper article – although I’ve been active on Instagram mostly. Sometimes you don’t feel like it, sometimes you don’t even have time. Between revising, final exams, London, other things to plan, here I am again! I went to London once before, but only for a couple days to see the Horst exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum so it didn’t give me a lot of time to discover the city. Nevertheless this time, I know LND just – or almost – like Paris. Both cities have nothing to do with each other but are only two hours and a half left, by Eurostar. One thing that directly stroke me. Saint Pancras with its gorgeous Renaissance hotel. Combined together, the whole reddish building helps in being in a new world.

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