Slow-Moving Luminaries by Lars Jan


Art Basel is the leading art fair happening three times across the world. The Miami  edition was held from December 7th to 10th. Aside from the actual convention center and the several shows,  the focus goes on Audemars Piguet’s art commission. For the third year, the luxury watchmaker partnered with LA-based artist Lars Jan, after Theo Jansen and Sun Xun to explore complexity and precision.

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OSNI by Cartier

Cartier vignette

Cartier – another renowned French Maison that I admire, is presenting its OSNI project, the first Unidentified Scented Object from October 20th to 23rd during the FIAC, one of those art fairs you don’t want to miss. So, rendez-vous by the Bassins of Palais de Tokyo to explore an unexpected set-up.

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Architectural Digest Design Show 2017 in NYC


The Architectural Digest Design Show is currently ongoing. The fair is held from March 16th to 19th in New York City at Piers 92/94. For this 16th edition, more than 400 brands are covering all parts of the home from the living room to the kitchen through the bathroom. I am attending my first trade show in the city. Let’s have a closer look at it!

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1.618 Paris’ curation at northmodern


I was in the world’s happiest country two weeks ago: Denmark. You surely know it if you follow me on Instagram. northmodern opened its door from August 18th to 20th. The danish design fair is growing rapidly, presenting its fourth edition this month. With an extensive selection of high-end brands, visitors came across the world to discover the latest trends.

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Omnivore: Foodies’ GQ


The crazy and curious die Annakonda is back for the 11th edition of Omnivore, the leading food festival around the world! A few numbers? 3 days of festival, 150 chefs, pastry cook, bartenders, …, 110 demos, 10 omnivore prices, 5 fucking dinners, 70 exhibitors, 2 pop-up dinners, 5 masterclass scenes. Revelation, novelties, unique meeting. My first time. I didn’t really know what to expect but believe me after three full days spent there, the festival is my first one but surely not the last one. Although you may wonder why this is coming up on the blog, you should know that gastronomy is art, art is creativity and in this case, it becomes luxury. How to match different savors, how to make it taste and look good, how to tell a story around the meal, how to find the perfect drink. The work is indeed tremendous and I show a lot of respect to all the chefs out there. Continue reading “Omnivore: Foodies’ GQ”

Le Salon De L’Homme & Des Belles Montres

Hello there everyone! Last weekend in Paris took place Le Salon De L’Homme & Des Belles Montres. What is this all about? They were initially separated. The Gentlemen’s Trade Fair aka Le Salon De L’Homme was created last year and deals with everything men related, from fashion to lifestyle through technology, gastronomy, cars etc. On the other side, Les Belles Montres was a salon only dedicated to watches. You are going to tell me, Anna, what were you doing there? Well, you know me, I am basically sticking my nose everywhere. Moreover the industries of men are quite unknown for me so it is logical to somehow discover what’s going on here and there. Isn’t it what snakes do? Back to serious, to me it was pretty genius to unite both of them. Why? They complete each other in the way that they are targeting men. In terms of marketing and communication, it is probably easier also to related one to the other.

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Highlight: Women’s Fashion S/S 2016 Paris


Book a flight to Paris for the biggest and craziest fashion week! “Welcome aboard on Chanel Airlines non stop flight to Paris! Do not forget to fasten your seatbelt. We wish you all an enjoyable flight!” I think you probably understood what I was talking about and a Chanel show is never ever something you can miss. Each season everyone is dying for it, we all want to know what this year’s shows are going to be, what theme Mister Lagerfeld chose. Suspense, suspense until last minute. It is time to check in now! What a relief and a surprise to always discover the new collection. Always incredible to see that Choupette’s dad manages to reinvent and innovate, while sticking to Gabrielle Chanel’s codes and style. Once again. Good job! I distinguished two different parts: one – pictured above – that is more classic with the straight cuts and knitwear, and the second one – pictured bellow – slightly more modern. Even through the makeup, models had blue lines all over and around the eyes, or they were wearing futuristic sunglasses, the ones that are quite big with colored or grey reflection, where you can not see the eyes, you see which ones I’m talking about? Yeah right. After the ski mask or the perl mask, what are we going to have next? Surprise me! Continue reading “Highlight: Women’s Fashion S/S 2016 Paris”

Highlight: Women’s Fashion S/S 2016 Milan

Emporio Armani

Milano, Milano, with the Italian accent, as Chiara Ferragni would say. The shows taking place there were very creative, with lots of different styles. Firstly as you can see on top, Emporio Armani played with pink and grey which is a combination that I loved when I was a child. If there is one thing I can assure you 100% is that Chinese people love pink. This color is often perceived as a little girl’s favorite color and in the Middle Kingdom’s culture, ladies do not necessarily want to grow up to the woman stage, this is why they are always looking for youth, white baby skin, innocent style… They also look younger than their age most of the time. One of the reason is also due to their clothing choices. In Paris for instance, teenagers or young adults are wearing very classic clothes giving them a more mature identity, which is not the case in Asian countries. To me, the second look is going to increase sales over there while the first outfit that has this casual street style is going to be more appreciated in Japan. Whereas looks n°3 & 5 present jacket and bomber that you can simply put on your shoulders without wearing it properly as well. And this will give a sporty chic touch to what you are going to pair it with, wether a dress, a skirt or a pair of trousers. Then the fourth look is perfect for spring if you want to reflect a chic aura around you. Continue reading “Highlight: Women’s Fashion S/S 2016 Milan”