Copenhague: the restaurant of Danish sleekness


Located on the Champs-Elysées, the House of Denmark hosts two iconic restaurants: Flora Danica and Copenhague – the first being a chic brasserie and the second one, the gastronomic restaurant with a hidden terrace – all this, alongside its cultural involvement.

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Cooking class at Urbani Truffles


When you have your mama cooking for you the entire time, it is the easy way to find an excuse for not doing anything. She does everything well so why risk to burn the whole kitchen, right? When I announced I was going to a cooking class at Urbani Truffles near Columbus Circle, literally everyone laughed. I am fine with it because I was convinced since I am a child that I will become a good cook in the future. Perseverance is the only thing that matters.

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2.0 Coffee Shops in Paris


We, as Parisians, love spending time in the cafés. Whether to meet some friends, to read, to type on our keyboards, or simply to stalk the passersby – yes we do that. A freshly pressed juice during warm days or a hot chocolate when it’s colder, “un café, s’il vous plaît !” classic. So French. Goodbye terraces, let’s welcome the new versions of coffee shops! Disruptive and hybrid, they give a fresh breath to the city of light! What are we looking for at first? Good products, nice deco, tasty food? Ok that’s instagrammable, go!

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Le Sinople: a Tropical Nest inside Paris

Le Sinople © Anna Tai

Hello lovelies, have you ever been stuck and wondered about where to eat? It happens to me a looot. Paris is my hometown and there comes a time when I am simply lost and do not know where to go anymore. It is stupid because there are so many places to go to! All you need is time, time to search, time to scroll, time to filter. Or, something very useful and helpful that I highly appreciate, is this friend coming out of nowhere telling you about how good a restaurant is. Alleluia! Thank god. It is a natural reaction to trust people who are surrounding us. I’d rather listen to an acquaintance than a stranger. It makes sense. We all do read the comments left on the several websites presenting hotels, restaurants, and so on. But. The reality is, what you might not have liked, I, could potentially enjoy it. I always recommend to try by yourself before believing. “I’ll believe it when I see it”, I’ll definitely have my own opinion once I’ve tasted or tried it. Continue reading “Le Sinople: a Tropical Nest inside Paris”


   Walking around in the streets, passing by the wood benches, the floor lamps are still not shining yet because the sun is still playing hide and seek in the sky. An old man wearing a hat and caring a cane is sitting in the square contemplating the ducks swimming in the water and bickering. Over there, a couple is peacefully having a drink at a terrace. Chatting, laughing, living the moment. Oh. Here is a ball! How I miss childhood when I was simply kicking in the round toy innocently and grabbed it near someone who found it right at his foot. It’s getting darker and darker. The colors are changing, slowly migrating towards the warm tones on the docks. Slap. The lights are on. Shadows are wandering nearby and meeting each others. The rhythm evolves slower. People are taking their time now.

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A morning time with Maison Lesage

© Alice Herbaux
   Rendez-vous to the Villa Romaine ! I couldn’t wait more to attend the Maison Lesage atelier. Not only because this will be a way for me to explain the process better during my internship but also because I am simply crazy about all kind of savoir-faire. It always amazes me. Any type of handmade piece or craftsmanship. It is indeed part of the history of luxury entities in general. I would say it’s often key. It emphasizes the essence of it. Moreover it adds a little something to the story telling that will make the story even more beautiful.

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Spotted at Valentino! Carlos Souza

Brazilian born PR and brand ambassador Carlos Souza was at the Valentino boutique rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré during menswear fashion week in Paris. Book signing, taking pictures, Carlos was as always very elegant, charming and smiling. As a travel lover, his book ‘Carlos’s Places’ is all image-based using the social media Instagram. A picture’s worth a thousand words right ? But back to a bit of who he is… Continue reading “Spotted at Valentino! Carlos Souza”

Frenchy Vibes

Music does mean a lot for all of you and this is why I couldn’t start the year without talking about my 2014’s discoveries, and it has musically changed my life. We grow up and our tastes evolve. July 18th was a big turning point because I decided to attend some sort of a live concert/party at Wanderlust. God knows I hate the crowd but you know, I couldn’t miss Klingande, f.o.m.o. style! I didn’t know the other DJs very well, and the key is somehow there. Meet the world! Continue reading “Frenchy Vibes”

Chloé x Vogue

Hi there ! My friend Maude invited me to the Chloé x Vogue event of this week so right after school we went there… Once arrived the atmosphere was very nice, we started to walk around and about 10 minutes later, two of our school mates called us, they were surprisingly here, behind us, it was really unexpected. While watching the luxury pieces and analyzing all this, the DJ was playing some cool music, nothing extravagant. Continue reading “Chloé x Vogue”