Zoom: Dorothée Contour, JEM


Dorothée Contour, 34 years old, is at the head of JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded, a French jewellery house at the crossroads of ethical commitment, minimalism and poetical philosophy. This collective project gathers several talents and embraces a lucid jewellery. Mixing the immaterial that is transparency and consciousness with the tangible and the preciousness of the materials, the aesthetics of the pieces translate into a timeless elegance. She is convinced that tomorrow’s business model must be embellished by a sustainable environment through authenticity and sincerity.

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Zoom: Charles Pétillon, photographer


Charles Pétillon is a French photographer whose poetic work is known across the world. He invaded Covent Garden last year with an installation of 100,000 white balloons – his favorite material to work with because of its simplicity, accessiblity and universality.

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French Inspiration by Madame Figaro


   Hello peeps ! What’s hot this week ? Well, well, well, there is always something going on ! Except the fact that the weather decided to act randomly, these days I am working on a workshop based on colors. It interests me a lot because first of all, I have always been amazed by anything psychology related or neuroscience studies kind of things. Life is what is spontaneous but also what you don’t notice. And this is what makes all the difference. You live your life day to day and what feels good is the moment you take once in a while to think. Thinking is key, it helps you to make a point on what surrounds you. To have a break somehow if you live in a big city where everything is going so fast.
   I always admit it is a good thing to live in a philosophic way. In a way you escape from reality but it happens by having a larger perspective of seeing things differently.

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Arty Drawings with the Tarloyan Brothers

It’s fashion week time !!! Haute Couture fashion week is starting in Paris and this is the perfect occasion to have a look at the Tarloyan brothers’ work. Last week has been overly busy for me, between final exams and fashion shows, I was literally running here and there, trying not to miss events… But well, I like that, being overbooked feels good actually, I’m more productive, have to organize myself, way more and way better, work on the schedules etc.

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