1 Hotel, a dive into nature


Back to February 2017, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge was expected to be the opening to not be missed in sustainable hospitality in New York City. Right under the Brooklyn Bridge, the luxury residence faces Downtown Manhattan’s skyscrapers. 194 guest rooms with 30 suites welcome travellers from all over the world in this new location.

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Silavadee, a peaceful nest in Koh Samui


Hello 2017! The last few weeks were very busy: basically a lot of paperwork to do before loads of projects coming up! When my first semester came to an end, all I needed was to get some time far away from Paris. Guess what? Tickets to fly to Thailand were booked a week ahead! No no, this is not craziness, just pragmatism! Life is too short to make plans, you never know what happens next. So, here is the situation. I spent two weeks in the land of smiles, split into one week in Bangkok and the other one in Koh Samui. Although I was supposed to visit other islands but you know, things don’t always work the way you want.

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SP34, the cozy spot in the Danish capital


What a good idea to go back to Copenhagen at the end of the year! Cold and windy, facing the weather, in the end, all you need is a warm and cozy place to rest at night. Located in the Latin Quarter of the Danish capital, the SP34 hotel opened in April 2014 and has its doors right opened to welcome you within an original Scandinavian haven.

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OFF Paris Seine, the floating hotel


Approaching the second half of September, the end of summer is slowly echoing. From a day to another, Paris’ weather went from 32 degrees sunshine to rainy 20… Now that the sky looks more like a glass of milk rather than the Mediterranean sea, let me tell you more about one of the hottest place that just opened in the French capital. Being stuck in Paris is not always a bad thing because there is continuously something going on here and there. But yes, we will all be dreaming about the other side of the globe…! Novelties, launches and openings are surrounding you, you just have to open your eyes to break the routine, so no excuse for boredom!

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Palazzo Parigi, Paris brought to Milan


Hello lovelies! It’s been a while but time has finally arrived! As promised, a bunch of news are coming, and if you are following me on Instagram, you surely know I spent some time in Italy lately. On a daily basis, it is of course easier to post live videos on Snapchat and Instagram photos rather than write a entire article where I have to take time, relax and focus. While traveling it is always tiring because you spend your days visiting like a real tourist, take photos and eat, local food, a lot, especially pizzas haha.

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Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero: in a total green harmony


Hello everyone! I am back! As a quick introduction, we, as human beings are always looking for things we do not have and it feels right because it is an instinctive reaction. Once you have what you want, you don’t need it anymore, you don’t want it anymore. It is a fact. After this break, short or long depending on the step back, I am convinced that it is about coming back in better conditions. Not that I had to understand what I want but to focus on the priorities. To figure out what’s best. To simply take time to appreciate. So let me invite you to read this new article just like we never left each other. Continue reading “Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero: in a total green harmony”