Born in 95, Anna Tai grew up in a bicultural family with Chinese parents. Her dad’s work in the fashion industry inspired her from the very beginning creating a highly sensitive eye for aesthetics. Years go by and she develops an admiration for the luxury industry through its history, values, savoir-faire and story tellings.

The Parisian believes that everyone should follow their passion because Confucius once affirmed:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

This blog is about sharing all things luxury related from material to experiential statements. But above all, being in perfect harmony with yourself. Beside her interest for photography and creative writing, she currently studies at Moda Domani Institute, a business school specialized in fashion and luxury.

With her unique approach of style and vision of life, her motto is to be curious and to discover the world indeed there is so much to see. Her language skills – French, Chinese, English, German – facilitates the communication with people she meets around the globe.

“Being able to create a community was an amazing challenge for me. I am glad to be part of this era where technology constantly fascinates me. Moreover communicating with thousands of readers internationally is an amazing feeling and an incredible chance. I truly thank you all for being part of my adventures!” – Anna

Business inquiries & information, please contact: dieannakonda@gmail.com


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