Meet Me at Avenue Road


Your home is a reflection of who you are and a collection of what you love. Don’t you think your place tells a lot about you? How meticulous you are and what you are interested in? Everybody should enjoy going home after a long day. Cooking in the kitchen, resting on the couch, reading on the divan, relaxing in the bathtub or… music on and dancing in the middle of the living room?


My everyday growing interest for interior design has become an elementary hobby. I’m not going to tell you about my Pinterest boards but you could surely guess what’s happening over there. To be honest, it did not appear like this all of a sudden. When I was a child, I used to cut furniture magazines and glue the pieces of paper so I could have an idea of what my future dream house would look like. But as any other field, I’m still learning about the designers, the iconic creations and the trends. It does not come out of the blue, so, hard work will pay off. The more you learn, the more you will know and the more you practice, the more you will master. As time goes by, our eye is getting more sharpened with our own aesthetics.

After ready-to-wear, accessories, handbags, jewellery, watches, … interior design comes next when mentioning material luxury. It combines aesthetics and know-how just like everything quoted before. It remains ostentatious, easy to show to whoever by simply wearing it, while any piece of furniture is more than personal, more private and more meaningful. You can’t just get rid of one the next day. I believe the notion of time is stronger because you will keep a piece longer. Tastes in interior design can not change every day or every week because it costs money, it takes time and it needs space. You want the whole to look harmonious by blending the materials, the colours, the fabrics and the shapes. Just like fashion, it can be stylish, trendy or timeless, it has to be paired with the rest.

Unless a diamond necklace that is completely material or a spa treat that is fully experiential, furnitures are physical but contributes in people’s wellbeing which adds a supplement to the meaning of luxury. Wellness can last a few minutes when you can’t resist temptation but it lasts longer when you play it right. Colour matching – one of those topic I’m obsessed with, hence the rainbow feed on my Instagram. It’s playful, this is why it reminds me of a playground. I’m often stuck between grey scale / marble and colourful aesthetics. I’m looking forward to the future. One thing that gets me really excited when I think about it is to settle and have my own place (which is not a current situation when you’re in your early 20’s). To pick the right location, to start a floor plan, to choose an artistic direction, to select the furnitures, to work on the decor, and until then, I’m going to travel and build the library of what I like.

The cover photo showcases PLY3 medium wall units by Dutch designer Marlieke Van Rossum. What I like about this type of storage is that we can display magazines and books with plants, glassware – as shown on the photo – or candles. The colour of the oak can be chosen and the mix and match gives it a fun touch. The next pick goes to the Cosona lounge chair by Bruno Moinard, pictured above. The grey fabric and the oval shape makes it a very comfy cocoon in the bed room. The ANA Meridienne by Christophe Delcourt in dusty blue – see bellow, has a minimal shape making this divan the perfect reading spot.


The suspended lights by Kelvin Goddard and Lisa Santana are a great fit above a dining table. These Venetian Way look like hourglasses, salt shakers or the end of a trumpet. They can hang with different lengths so we can play with levels which reminds of rain drops giving the illusion of movement in the room. To end, the Park Place barstools by Yabu Pushelberg is awaking the younger me who used to be a little obsessed by pink but just like most of the items, they can be customisable. Are you tempted now?


shot by The Street Sensei


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