Holiday Season


Habits. When my friends in New York City tell me how much they like Fall, my face suddenly transforms to a question mark. Then I found out how different it is compared to Europe. Above all, it’s not rainy as our daily subscription in Paris, but even better, it’s sunny and quite warm. Basically an extension of summer time. Who would complain? Even though some of you can’t wait to start layering, the transition went quite fast as days became very cold.

I couldn’t wait for the festive period here, firstly with Halloween which is known to be a huge deal in the US. I’ve never really dressed up, nor did anything crazy until I got here. The idea that everyone is going to celebrate the dead through all kind of activities was exciting. I got into the mood and was amazed by the energy and effort put into that day when I saw the kids holding their baskets and asking for treat or trick. Then came Thanksgiving. I couldn’t make it last year when my French American friend invited me and I was convinced I was going to be alone while everybody would be with good company. But you never know, and I ended up to a Friendsgiving party with a massive turkey cooking in the oven, just like in the movies! I truly appreciate the fact that it gathers friends and family together over late lunch until dinner time. Funny story is nobody would believe me that I spent the whole time talking about cryptocurrency, AI, and brain transplant but this actually me. I enjoy debating and talking about the news. Sorry not sorry but as soon as it’s over, people are bringing out the trees! No compassion. As per Christmas, I wish I could see what the setup looks like but I’m heading to Miami, what will never feel like a regular December by the way and get back to family in Paris to find Santa Claus. I’ve already seen several winter markets spread around the city, from Union Square to Bryan Park. It’s really warmy but often crowded and always with the same products. There should be more originality even by keeping the overall mood. I would say the German ones are better aha. In the end, it’s an atmosphere, so I wonder how people feel in countries like Australia or South Africa about the end of the year, how they celebrate it. Next adventure?

Whenever you live in a city for a long time you start to take for granted what’s actually not that common in another country. You get used to see and experience the same thing over and over again but once you travel you find out how different it is abroad. Habits and mores differ from a country to another and in the end, you only got to learn about a culture when you dive into the country. Don’t you ever question yourself about what you pursue? What kind of person you want to be? If you wish to travel the world or be driven by charity… I may sound like a child but I’m often amazed by so many things, from innovation and technology to science and psychology. Anytime I’m not aware of something, I’ll look for it, research and try to learn as much as I can about it. If you are willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. It is very true that the meaning of life is to give life meaning. The reason why I’m saying this is because what drives me is the pursuit of knowledge, not happiness, not money, but knowledge. As everybody is starting to plan 2018, I would recommend to take time for yourself and find your way, your passion, your purpose. Once you know yourself, you’ll love life and being happy is just as easy as it sounds because it is a choice.

pc: © lubaki lubaki


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