OSNI by Cartier

Cartier vignette

Cartier – another renowned French Maison that I admire, is presenting its OSNI project, the first Unidentified Scented Object from October 20th to 23rd during the FIAC, one of those art fairs you don’t want to miss. So, rendez-vous by the Bassins of Palais de Tokyo to explore an unexpected set-up.


The luxury brand often catches my attention and I’ve been wanting it to surprise me which didn’t happen lately until today. I noticed how they have put more effort, time and communication in the past months and I am glad I can write about Le Nuage Parfumé.

I like the unusual and this installation is reinventing what the fragrance industry used to showcase. From a product to a public art installation, the perfume conveys emotions through different ways by awakening our senses. The truth is I don’t even know where to start as seeing this masterpiece leads to mountains of questions and reactions in my mind. But I can first assure you that the future is in the relationship between luxury and art and who better than the Maison Cartier that opened its own art foundation 30 years ago can testify that. Meanwhile mentioning olfactive art is more of a beautiful way to describe chemists, instead, the splendid detail remains in the story told behind each creation – often very poetic.

By dealing with the immaterial, the invisible, scents have always been a form of language. Some refers to good memories, happy moments, specific people, a period of time, while others are just sources of mystery. This powerful tool is a way to interact and has the ability to play with our emotions. Who says fragrance says chemistry, and who says chemistry says science ; have you ever heard that some molecules are used in men’s perfumes to attract women? Genius, right? You can’t touch it, you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, but it has this impact on people. And culturally, no French people will deny this fact as they used to be the first using fragrances back to Louis XIV’s era to cover foul odours. A little bit of history never hurt nobody!

Inspiration comes before getting in, then the second phase is a whole new experience. Are we flying in the sky, are we floating, are you day dreaming? There’s this slow progression while walking up the stairs of transitioning from reality and clearness to vapours and illusion. This idea of elevation that directly reminds of L’Envol de Cartier is a real philosophical topic but even marketing-wise, every part of the story telling is accurate and connecting similarities is a smart exercice for our brain.


My thoughts are only reflecting how powerful this piece of art is. This interpretation of a scented cumulus caught in a glass architecture wouldn’t have been possible without bioclimatic engineers. At the crossroads of technology, science, luxury and art, the combination of industries can only be innovative. The floating cloud only exists thanks to precise climate conditions within the cube. Air stabilisation, temperature variation, humidity level, solar exposition and wind are all taken into account to come up with such a unique cloudscape. Thus the mix of multidisciplinary fields can merely be more beneficial and innovative as we would blend techniques and ideas in different contexts, implying finding new solutions as well as twisting certain constraints. 2018 will be fulfilled by similar projects as the future of luxury goes hand in hand with art.


in collaboration with © Lubaki Lubaki


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