Code Coco by Chanel


September is often assimilated to fashion month but as you know, I took a break from it. Instead, I am always impatient when it comes to discovering Chanel’s new collection. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about ready-to-wear but fine jewellery and watchmaking. It has this preciousness and the power to amaze that no other field can beat.


In the very heart of the Marais neighbourhood was presented the new Code Coco watch – available in three versions: made of steel, with diamonds and a unique piece of 56 carats. Once again, our little eyes get stuck in a fairytale, completely mind blown. The iconic 2.55 bag of the brand, first bag ever designed by Mademoiselle Chanel was the main inspiration of this watch. The bracelet itself reminds of the chain as well as the quilted pattern that is so recognisable. In addition, the famous clasp has become the mechanism to open the watch. A new gesture is incorporated in the process: clip it, turn it to lock it. The wristband can easily fuse with other jewellery, especially the full diamond masterpiece that could be seen as a cuff.

Aside, a limited edition of 12 pieces of jewellery has been showcased at the same time. Aesthetically pleasant and timeless, these creations won’t last for long and will let another collection bring its aura after two years. Gallery Collection is an invitation to wander freely among graphic, architectural lines, punctuated with strong colours. Delicacy is always at the rendez-vous to make the Chanel woman feel like no one else. These creations are accompanied by a series of photographies taken by Sarah Moon. The blurred feel of the shots echoes with the double faces of the designs. Duality. This is what I see. Being a gemini can only make me think of this notion again and again because I often ask myself how I could react so differently in several situations, how I could say something by meaning it and change my mind in the end, how I question myself all the time about wether or not this is the right way to do things. 

No matter if we deal with high jewellery or watches, everything is codified hence the name Code Coco but even in the necklaces, earrings and rings, the reinterpretation of the 2.55 chain and the octogonal shape of the Place Vendôme are still highlighted to pay tribute to the history of the well-established French house. Luxury is about excellency as every detail is here for a reason. Spot it, admire it and explain it, but the best of it would be to make people dream. Not only because the industry aspires to an undefinable beauty but also to dream in order to let your imagination fly…




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