“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Questioning about art wouldn’t make sense. Art. What is art? What is the meaning of art? There’s obviously no set definition of it and we can discuss about it for ages. Again, this quest is just like seeking any other notion’s meaning. We’re simply trying to see things clearer every day. Deep thinking is a good way to keep your mind working and to keep your intellectual rolling.

Art as a language, art as an experience, there are so many ways to define it but in the end the purpose is the expression of our imagination – as an escape from reality. How about art as luxury then? We’re coming back to the quintessence of this blog. Luxury is rarity which means uniqueness. If everybody had the exact same thing, would it still be luxury? I am not mentioning what everybody don’t have but what the happy few have. What you have, what you own, what you are able to create, what you take for granted can be someone else’s luxury. We are not all artists. It’s not just anyone who can produce art. Does that make it luxurious? Or, is it the fact that a masterpiece could be worth a hundred million dollars? And what makes it a masterpiece? Whereas if you think differently and consider that you have to be knowledgeable to appreciate and understand a piece of art then education becomes a necessity in which case the notion of luxury migrates towards another direction.

Creativity as the other half of art is known to have several faces. Your creative skills are different from mine. When I was a child I was amazed by how other children could draw so well simply by imagining a scene or a character. I didn’t have the ability to do that and if you ever see a drawing by me, I will probably make your day! I’ve tried to learn but I believe it is somehow innate (which I wasn’t gifted for apparently). Although I’ve been told many times that I have a good eye – which is of course subjective, I haven’t considered myself as super creative for a long time. Again, it depends on the point of view. But, I’ve been taking photos for ever, from old disposable cameras to darkroom through polaroids and reflex camera, I’ve never stopped.

Hence the title Then & Now. How things evolve, how your interests become a passion, how you grow as a person.

I’ve never felt so pushed by the will of creating images than while being in New York. The more you surround yourself with creative people, the more you create and the more you create, the more creative you become. It’s an ever-growing skill that you can nurture as much as you want, just like knowledge there’s no limit. But to keep it, one must find inspiration and constantly keeping an eye on what’s going on out there. Never stop exploring, never stop practicing, never stop creating.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

In the end, art isn’t only about the art world. It is so much more. It gathers like-minded souls. It helps reaching people in new ways. It doesn’t talk but it communicates and conveys a message. Whether I’m talking about creativity or about a life philosophy, don’t go where the path leads you but go where there’s no path and leave your marks. Don’t go where everyone goes, don’t do what everyone does. I’m not gonna say be the first or be the best, but be original because the only competition is to come up with the best version of yourself rather than competing with others. That day, we went to Dia:Beacon, a contemporary art museum located by the Hudson, 2 hours north from Manhattan. I found it super fun to play around with the installations. Not the casual street style, not your typical location, just some original content. It’s new, it’s stimulating, it’s another game, another round, another challenge.

© Martin Salomon Jr

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