1 Hotel, a dive into nature


Back to February 2017, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge was expected to be the opening to not be missed in sustainable hospitality in New York City. Right under the Brooklyn Bridge, the luxury residence faces Downtown Manhattan’s skyscrapers. 194 guest rooms with 30 suites welcome travellers from all over the world in this new location.

“The world around us is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way.” – Founder Barry Sternlicht’s core philosophy

The hotel is the latest addition to the Central Park and South Beach properties. I recently went to Miami and I was dying to find out about it. The lobby was way bigger than the Brooklyn one, but both had the same amazing fragrance invading the entire area. My experience at the 1 Hotel South Beach was really bad. I think that was the worst of my whole life. Service wise, one menu for three and the waitress who seemed to have just started came to take the order after one minute. The menu didn’t even go to the hands of each of the party. Wine coming in the exact same glasses as water, is this supposed to be cool in the US? I do not know but as French people, we don’t tolerate that. Plus, lipstick on two of the three glasses and hair on the third one. Nice. What’s next? Well, I barely had a heart-attack when the waiter brought some water and spilled it on the table, reaching my phones. Nevertheless, as said on Instagram, I will always be respectful to their commitment and the view from the rooftop is one-of-a-kind, truly one of the most beautiful of the city, facing the ocean with a purple sunset.

Back to the Big Apple, I was curious to discover the newbie after that experience. And the funny story is, I was walking by the Brooklyn Bridge Park at the beginning of the year and saw constructions. I said to myself ‘wow, whoever is gonna live in these apartments will really enjoy the view!‘ It ended up being a hotel. So, among eco-conscious design, sustainable architecture, and carefully picked partnerships, the atmosphere is restful, calm and relaxing. The tremendous 25-foot green wall was echoing the wooden furnitures around, with a sculpture of obsidian rock boulders wrapped in hand-dyed rope by Rachel Weiss dressing up the lobby. I have to admit something, the playlist made me fall in love even more with the location, I literally didn’t want to leave! If you like summer vibes, chill music, tropical sound with saxophone, this is the place to be!

The mix of armchairs and sofas that are all different reflects the craze for mix and match. Pairing is not always easy but the color range has been chosen in order to reflect nature at its best. Could you find a better spot to work on an article or even read a book?


 It is often difficult to determine how sustainable a company is. Some brands are willing to become more eco-friendly, others were simply born with this value in their DNA. One thing that you could be sure of, is that the hotel is doing it right. More than a half of the furnitures is using local and reclaimed materials. A rain-water reclamation system will irrigate the park during summer months. In addition, the property uses 100% wind power energy, as well as low-energy light bulbs, water purification system, and more.

Now it’s time to enjoy some pastries with a healthy juice at the Neighbors Café on the ground floor. It also has a terrace to enjoy the view when the sun comes by. The staff is very nice, and I won’t stop saying that an experimented team makes all the difference because they are the ones being in direct contact with the clients. Curiosity at its epitome, I can not wait to see what the next 1 hotels will look like! Suspense…




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