Cooking class at Urbani Truffles


When you have your mama cooking for you the entire time, it is the easy way to find an excuse for not doing anything. She does everything well so why risk to burn the whole kitchen, right? When I announced I was going to a cooking class at Urbani Truffles near Columbus Circle, literally everyone laughed. I am fine with it because I was convinced since I am a child that I will become a good cook in the future. Perseverance is the only thing that matters.

The Truffle Lab offers cooking class every week, from pasta to pizza through risotto. Let’s get it started, truffle your lunch or dinner! The Urbani family also launched its own line of truffle-based products such as creams, oils and sauces. This haute cuisine destination is the perfect place for chefs, truffle lovers and food enthusiasts to get together and to share a privileged moment. I found out a lot about these specific mushrooms and as specialists there won’t be a better place to discover the mysteries of tuberaceae.

Not everyone likes truffles and its earthy taste. But a lot of people consider Italian food as their favorite one and for those who love them, the small classes are ideal for friends or couples to spend some good time together. It really feels like a private class where each of the ones participating will take part during the course. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate or at a confirmed level, everyone is welcome to join. Proof: as a new born beginner who does not know anything, I made it to the end. Yay! I have always learned all kind of things very fast, especially when it involves myself actually doing it. Listen carefully and follow the steps, that’s all you need to do.

Last Saturday, Italian chef Pasquale Cozzolino from Ribalta NYC was invited to showcase his techniques. Truffle gnocchis were on the menu! I am a big fan of gnocchis. And what aromatic ingredient better than truffle could possibly embellish the recipe? They’re often made of potato but this time, we made ricotta gnocchis, slightly different but so good. Fresh products should be combined correctly in order to be well-appreciated. Either black or white truffles can be used, we worked with only black ones that day. Here is where the magic of chemistry appears…


Food is ready. It was presented in beautiful Agnelli cookwares. I was deeply in love. And my stomach was more than satisfied! I can only recommend Chef Cozzolino’s class as I don’t know how the others look like. You know I won’t be able to talk about anything I haven’t experienced. You’ll be sure that you’re going to have a great time learning. I had so much fun! La Fontaine once explained that one should first please the other before instructing him or her. The chef mastered this golden rule for sure. As a visionary person, he is definitely part of the smart and cool people to meet. Are you ready to live your next truffle adventure?

Gastronomy as an art of tasting and appreciating meals is just as any luxury industry. Excellence and hard work is at the epicentre of the process. Consistency makes tasty food, as well as locally sourced fresh products. Again, being precise and detail-focused is essential. The notion of time is interesting to be discussed too. Everything that is made takes time, you can’t skip this part – the dough resting or the cooking time. It is slow, this is why we have to enjoy the moment and observe the fusion happening. Moreover, cooks are artisans, indeed they work with their hands to come up with a final creation. Any field can and will be affected by intelligent machines. Would that possibly disappear in the near future?


Urbani Truffles

10 West End Avenue

New York, NY 10023


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