11 Howard, the design-centric boutique hotel in Soho


With a very minimalist front, 11 Howard is located at the eponym street in the eclectic district of Soho. The 221 rooms take you with a direct flight to Scandinavia. Andra Andrei teamed up with Space Copenhagen to create this coveted residence…


An Alexander Calder suspension from 1976 welcomes the guests in the lobby. Coincidence or not, I visited the Guggenheim and the MET not long ago where other pieces of this well-known American artist were exhibited and your brain starts to connect. Get out. Be curious. Observe, see and learn. Spending time in the museums is a good way to relax and broaden your knowledge. And we know the close relationship between luxury and art. Take it as a game, make a guess! I personally truly believe that things happen for a reason but nothing comes out of the blue. You’re not going to make as many things as you could while sitting on a chair in front of a computer than going outside and meeting the world.

Look up, the 11-foot ceilings let natural light come through the oversized windows. The rooms are very minimalistic. It reminds me of my trip back to Copenhagen. Indeed, the Danish designer is also responsible of the world’s best restaurant Noma. The art of hygge invades the Big Apple… It wouldn’t be completely consistent if we didn’t mention conscious hospitality. Efforts were made to partner with non-profit organizations as well as natural care products available in the bathrooms. The notion of awareness is key in the Nordic countries and I truly appreciate the concern dedicated to this cause. Thinking like a New Yorker and acting like a Scandinavian, is this the secret to a successful strategy?


The Blond is the bar of the hotel where all the must-go parties of NYFW are taking place. The calmness of the day becomes craziness at night. While the Library is quite an unexpected coworking space in neutral colours. Trendy or not, what a great idea it is! Mutual stimulation. It is so weird when some days I need to focus on my own, alone in a room with loud music and other ones when I will easily work surrounded by a lot of people in a noisy area. It is very contradictory but we always come back to the point where we have to –  not listen to our body this time – but to follow our instincts. I will simply drop a ‘it depends on the day!‘ Indeed, I sometimes finish articles quite fast because I am inspired, because I am in a good mood or because I slept well, in the end I don’t know what the reason is. And sometimes I just need to stop and continue writing the next day. In French we say: “il y a des jours avec et des jours sans“.

Modern French restaurant Le Coucou by Stephen Starr who also owns Morimoto, Buddakan, Upland and more, faces Lafayette Street. With a more traditional atmosphere, lobster, veal, rabbit and duck are served to satisfy the clients’ desire. On the Howard side, a boutique gallery next to the entrance showcases art pieces as well as exclusive creations by studio Oliver Gustave for 11 Howard. For yourself or as a gift, Mad et Len candles or pots pourris (with crystals or lava stones) in  which you can add the unique 11 Howard fragrance, make your choice, but believe me the second option is one of the best scent I have ever known: white tea, musky rose, wood, musk and slight sulfur – super addictive, much needed in my future apartment haha. Things being said, their communication is well mastered. Instagrammers, bloggers and design freaks will be thrilled!


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