Architectural Digest Design Show 2017 in NYC


The Architectural Digest Design Show is currently ongoing. The fair is held from March 16th to 19th in New York City at Piers 92/94. For this 16th edition, more than 400 brands are covering all parts of the home from the living room to the kitchen through the bathroom. I am attending my first trade show in the city. Let’s have a closer look at it!

In all kind of BtoB shows, you will always need to unearth the nuggets. But before focusing on my selection, the AD Apartment caught people’s attention while I was expecting more consistency and harmony. The working space embraces a minimalist aesthetic close to a Scandinavian style that I appreciate, but unfortunately the overall does not have a real identity. Even though I seem to talk about appearance only, I am still learning about the differences between each material which I am honestly not an expert in… yet.

Ronbow showcased this super-instagrammable sun mirror that everyone is looking for nowadays. But what makes it different is the intensity of the LED that you can regulate by touching the circle. Part of the Amora collection, the storage under the sink features a puzzled aspect in a stunning navy blue color. Back to 2016, the brand won the Good Design Award for its Vento collection. Its mirror integrates Bluetooth to pair with any smartphone to play music while taking a shower. In addition, the lighting can be turn on and off by a no-touch sensor system. Next comes Workstead. This lighting company also focuses on architectural and interior design as well as furnitures and bespoke projects. The lamps are amazing and quite similar to what I’ve seen in Nordic countries in Europe – but they are American. Combining brass and marble with greeneries is very in vogue at the moment! When I was wandering through the alleys, the Love Happens Lounge by Koket stroke me. The dark salon has this intimate feel where men and women could enjoy some wine and discuss about life.

Moving on into DIFFA Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. DIFFA’s Dining By Design features top of the notch table installations. Blue Ocean Design & Charleston Limewash opted for neutral tones mixing tableware looking like shells and knots that are either tied around curtain-like stools or sailor inspired. I’ll let you choose. The whole creation makes sense and the color range matches perfectly the big idea.



Ralph Lauren Home‘s table is so American and jet-set like. With a blue, white and red choice, nothing really surprising. Nevertheless I won’t ignore the fact that there is a joyful vibe. While the New York School of Interior Design plays around with geometrical rectangles, stretched silhouettes and a modern plastic Japanese style futuristic/robot-like general impression, Twyla presents Edward Granger is all about dusty pink and off-white. The set-up remains very feminine and delicate with a touch of Asian feel.

Rockwell Group with Ovando  and Gensler + KNOLL both bet on a blend between ultraviolet and green plants which is quite interesting. One would look more like a fantasy desert and the other, a surreal life appearance. There is a story to tell when I look back on these pictures. Supernatural? Somehow.



Fancy a meal upside down? Pratt Institute plays with neons and a disco ball somehow referring to night life. School competition seems harsh! Parsons The New School for Design relies on an abstract concept: all white everything at the borders of anxiety. The creative process remains very impressive which is closer to art work than anything else. In a total different atmosphere, The New York Times designed by Liaigre with Douglas Little highlights mountains and mountains of glasses. You wouldn’t want to get too close, we never know… Last but not least, a masterpiece, very conceptual, imagined by Language Dept. named Design Within Reach. It is an invitation, a welcome to nature, into the woods, somewhere hidden in the flora, where life is at the epicenter of all interests.

Eventually all of these set-ups demonstrated a confirmed level of creativity that kept me silent with sparkling eyes. I would’ve loved to hear all the designers telling about their inspiration and stories. Well, I guess my imagination helped me quite a bit. That was a wrap! Until next time!


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