Temple Run in Bangkok


Backpack on, t-shirts out and let’s go! New adventures are always exciting. I haven’t been to a lot of places in Asia yet but I’m working on it little by little. There are so many countries, cities and spots to see across the world that I’ll do my best to get to know as many as I can. Here we go, welcome to the land of smiles!

Ok so to begin, here is a fun fact. When I first took a taxi at the airport, the driver started to talk to me in Thai. Well sorry, but I don’t speak your language. Then this is the moment when you start to realize how tricky it is going to be to get to your Airbnb… Hopefully I manage to find the translation of the address. Jet-lagged as crazy, tired like someone who didn’t sleep for 24 hours, we fell asleep in the taxi and you know how people are so honest and caring. Well we almost drove twice the city. Of course, I had my map on my phone and after telling him why he did so, he obviously didn’t know. He tried to catch up by buying some banana chips, like really? Anyway, it won’t happen twice. Whenever you are a tourist for the first time somewhere new, you got to be ripped off haha. And again, the same thing happened when we were asking to go to the flower market (pictured bellow), the guy took us to another one… oh well. Did I also tell about everyone thinking I’m Thai and gets confused whenever I can’t answer back. Now you know!


Following some advice, I apparently had to stop by the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. It originally opened as The Oriental in 1876. You can enjoy the Chao Phraya river’s view or a tea time at the Author’s Lounge (above). All the greeneries and the white armchairs are really cute. It looks like an indoor garden. Another luxury hotel I had a crush on is the Okura Prestige, very modern with an incredible view of the skyline, especially from the rooftop swimming pool. Its location is really convenient. Indeed, the Central Embassy is just across the street for luxury shopping. In addition, the nice trendy restaurants are not far, near the Sukhumvit road area.

What would be sightseeing without visiting? I just thought about something. I usually go straight to museums but what is different in Asia is that there is so much to see! We focus more on the historical monuments such as the temples or the Grand Palace – the official residence of the kings of Siam. I’ve been mind blown by Wat Pho ; look at the ornaments bellow! The work is incredible and beauty was everywhere. The architecture is so different from Western countries. The gold is ubiquitous due to the royalty. Overall, very colorful, full of live.


One of my favorite part to tackle is where to eat. It’s been now one year that I am fully interested in discovering new tastes and travelling for food. Remember to check out @lefoodism! First thing first, Vanilla Garden is such a spot for Anna as my friends could say. Lots of plants. Wood. Instagrammable obviously. This hidden spot offers a wide range of food, especially Japanese like maki, tempuras and also matcha latte that I love. In a complete different style, we move from green shades to blue tones at freshly opened Blue Whale Cafe where, as you can guess, blue overcomes. I love this color so it directly hit my heart. I haven’t seen a blue latte art before that and seriously how pretty is it? You can also brunch there, from scrambled eggs to pancakes through teriyaki salmon, go for it, trust me it’s worth the trip!

Down bellow is showcased Organika House, a spa and restaurant – how hybrid is that? The decoration is balanced in between white and green. As soon as you get in, it smells like flowers and soft scents all mixed together. The place is very pretty with details placed here and there. I enjoyed playing around to shoot my photos! The Secret Rose Garden which is a pure rose based tea is amazing. You can tell that my baby princess side woke up haha. Above all, note that if you go there in the afternoon, you probably don’t want to miss the sunset which is a moment to catch for sure. Moreover you should see what the Organika Signature looks like: the craziest coffee you’ll ever have. It comes up in a balance (whaaat?), the cocktails on the menu looked so creative and let’s not even talk about the desserts…

Rocket Coffee Bar

As a real Frenchie, there comes a time when you crave for French food. In the beginning, you don’t realize that you miss the food but we accidently bumped into the Cube which is a sort of mall for restaurants if I can say so. The Vogue Lounge is also located there with a nice view and a terrace to chill during cool evenings. Besides, a few fine dining restaurants are on the different levels of the buildings. So we spotted l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – a Michelin starred French chef. Allez, on va chez Jojo ! Youpi ! We ordered some herb crusted rack lamb. Delicious. And there’s a first time for everything and we know how famous his mashed potatoes are, with 50% of butter, let me tell you forget about your diet and enjoy the food!!! Simply amazing.

Eventually, I’ve been told about Sala Rattanakosin which is a boutique hotel with a very good restaurant with a view on the river, if you have ever been there, let me know what you think about it! Time was short to try everything. I perfectly know it’s never ending… Thailand was amazing, I’m so ready to visit Chiang Mai and other islands in the surroundings! My interest for travel is growing when time goes by. Collect experiences! Where should I go next? Any ideas?


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