Silavadee, a peaceful nest in Koh Samui


Hello 2017! The last few weeks were very busy: basically a lot of paperwork to do before loads of projects coming up! When my first semester came to an end, all I needed was to get some time far away from Paris. Guess what? Tickets to fly to Thailand were booked a week ahead! No no, this is not craziness, just pragmatism! Life is too short to make plans, you never know what happens next. So, here is the situation. I spent two weeks in the land of smiles, split into one week in Bangkok and the other one in Koh Samui. Although I was supposed to visit other islands but you know, things don’t always work the way you want.

First of all, let me tell you a secret. I figured out I was a workaholic. I’ve been saying quite often lately that ‘I wish I could just do nothing‘ because I needed a break. So I got my break, this two-week vacation was like a dove you’re about to let go. But, the island life is indeed quite the opposite from city life. It feels different and it is different. It’s almost too slow even if I extol a slow lifestyle. I could definitely do nothing, but for no longer than 48 hours: eat, sleep, tan and repeat.

I stayed at the Silavadee Pool Spa Resort – meaning beautiful rock in Thai. It is located in the east, in Laem Nan beach, between Chaweng and Lamai. With 44 pool villas and 36 deluxe rooms, your journey is fulfilled with a back to nature energy. And even more when you have a jacuzzi on your balcony, just saying. Turn it on, let the water fill in the bath, make some bubbles, be cradled by the birds singing while enjoying the local fruits, it feels so exotic to look at the infinite view where the sky disappears in the ocean… Take time. Take time to enjoy the little things, to close your eyes and think about the good things that happened to you, to cherish your loved ones. It’s hard to slow down when you live in big cities because we are always in a rush. Choose your priorities, you are the only decision maker. I don’t make resolutions for new years as everyone constantly says the same things. Nevertheless I’ve decided quite a long time ago to take care of myself and you can start anytime, whenever you feel ready. New year isn’t just an excuse because time is relative, nothing is set. Eat healthy, go to the gym, treat yourself well. Your choices make your lifestyle!

By everything I’ve learned and all the experiences I’ve acquired, I started to see the world in a different way. Nature is so powerful. Mother Earth gathers so many secrets and hides multiple mysteries. This is why humans are focusing on biomimicry, in order to mimic nature. We are so little compared to the universe that nothing can beat what is naturally surrounding us. Do you really think your airplane is gonna survive if a thunderstorm happens to meet you? Is your boat going to beat a tsunami? You perfectly know the answer and I specifically realized all this when I got hit by a 3-meter tall wave and found myself in the sand. The sea was pretty rough that day and I wanted to have a swim. Lucky me right? It’s crazy how still the ocean can be on a sunny bright day and then create huge back and forth movements on a rainy day.



The hotel has two restaurants: the Moon – open all day long from breakfast to dinner – and the Height that offers traditional thai food for dinner. Several spots are breathtaking to enjoy a drink with a view such as the Sun Deck, the Star or the the Sun Pool Bar. What a good surprise when the waitress came and called me by my name! Chatting with locals is priceless, I learn way quicker this way. It’s like history when I was in high school, I hated it. But by meeting people who went through major events happening in the world – yes I’m talking about old people in fact – it makes me understand it better and to assimilate easier. Anyways, I enjoyed these few minutes of sharing before getting into the serious part: F O O D. With experience, I’d assure you that wherever you go, I suggest you to order local food otherwise it won’t be as tasty as you would expect. Had the first Nutella pancakes of my life and they were good! Although the Benedict eggs weren’t so exceptional, the soup – boiled wild rice with snapper fish fillet – a Thai speciality was amazing! (The exception that proves the rule) to accompany all this, a healthy juice is needed: the wonder girl smoothie that is orange based with strawberry, mango, maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon, one of the best I’ve ever had! Wellness is at the center of this journey. It won’t be complete with a massage or a gym session facing the beach.

On a broader perspective, I’m used to excellency – especially in Paris – when it comes to luxury hotels. Although it becomes quite hard to compare with western service, there are some lacks in the facilities here. As a very picky person, my requirements on cleanliness are very high and hidden corners shouldn’t be ignored… furthermore, there should always be enough umbrellas for all the guests and preferably in good conditions. The location is not really convenient because the resort is on the heights. Either you walk to the main streets, or it becomes difficult to find a cab, even more tricky if the flood invades the walking road… Besides the staff having smiling faces and being very kind, the small cars are very much appreciated if you are willing to go to a farer location of the resort. With super comfortable mattresses, you are good to go for a nighty night! Shall I wish you sweat dreams?



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