SP34, the cozy spot in the Danish capital


What a good idea to go back to Copenhagen at the end of the year! Cold and windy, facing the weather, in the end, all you need is a warm and cozy place to rest at night. Located in the Latin Quarter of the Danish capital, the SP34 hotel opened in April 2014 and has its doors right opened to welcome you within an original Scandinavian haven.

What a curious name to begin, but it gets totally logic when it appears to be the name of the street where you can find it: Sankt Peders stræde 34. Where luxury Bohemians meet business people, this Brøchner hotel counts 118 rooms and clients have the choice between 3 related restaurants: burgers at Cock’s and Cows, the café bar Din Nye Ven and the Nordic restaurant Väkst where the breakfast is served. Slow morning and not fully awake, you definitely want to start the day with a bowl of energy. Fuel up for the day with this organic buffet. It feels amazing to start the day arriving at Väkst with green plants all over the room. Moreover it has a direct access to the hotel, convenient isn’t it? The food itself is downstairs where a wide choice of healthy treats is waiting for you to be eaten. From porridges to cakes and croissants, fresh fruits can also be found among all the charcuterie and cheese. What I liked the most was probably the tartines I made with butter and jams – so French right? The bread pictured in the middle was my favorite, to the point that I enjoyed it without putting anything on it. Above all, the interior design is a mix of minimalist wood pieces and industrial touches which made the experience even better because the space is very inspiring itself. Get your vitamins and you’re ready to go!

The living area combines Danish furnishing with arty vibes. I really appreciated the wall representing fun phrases such as “irritating the way you chew”, “I’m afraid of nothing”, “bad hair day again”, “now I know what I should have said”, “scary how good I am”, “I’m the king of the world”connected to each other as a giant web… cool huh? A touch of humour that puts you in a good mood at 8am! And as an addictive reader, I spotted the amount of books available in the library where the big round table is also suitable for work. Moreover a daily Wine Hour from 5 to 6pm is one of the hotel chain specificities. People come and sit by the fireplace to enjoy a glass of wine, chatting and laughing. As a wine amateur, I personally didn’t like the selection while everyone seemed to enjoy the fruity white wine and the red wine that has a way too strong taste of ethanol. I have to admit that the will to connect people is an amazing initiative, as to me, this is one of the greatest thing on earth, thus I am not even surprised of the success by looking at the crowded area. How I like chilling by the fire when it feels warm inside and when you specifically know how cold it is outside haha.

I will be soon sharing a few tips, some addresses, what to do and where to eat in another article. Be ready because it is going to be very long haha. When you only have three days to spend, optimization is your only choice, trust me, it’s worth it. After a long day sightseeing, defying the weather, the idea to be envelopped in your soft blanket becomes an obsessional daydream. Look at these beds, the headboards refer to iconic Scandinavian chairs with small cushions hung at the top. Unusual but very original. And if you don’t feel like sleeping, you can always sneak out of your room and enjoy a movie in the hotel’s private cinema!


Hotel SP34

Sankt Peders Stræde 34

Copenhagen, Denmark


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