Crémieux Colors


What does the word colors mean to you? What comes to your mind when you see colors?

To me, it represents life. First of all because the absence of color refers to black and for many other reasons it is often related to sadness or negativity. Being a very sensitive person reacting to external changes, the weather for instance, really gets me. Simple as one plus one, the sun puts me in a good mood when dark and rainy days slow me down. It has to do with nature and physics matters. Moreover you wear a full back outfit when you attend a funeral. Anyway, colors are powerful. They have a meaning and neurosciences prove that they have an impact on our brains. Then everything becomes marketing then business then bankable. Scary right? Companies are cruel I know.

A little reminder of what this is all about. I like fashion but not excessively. You may know it or not I had a break concerning fashion weeks. Although, I always keep an eye on what is going on because it is key to be updated on the news in general. Culture would be another interesting topic to discuss about,  next time I guess! But whenever I work on articles, pictures and words come together. Most of the time, I see scenes in real life that I want to capture. It is an unconscious will then by looking at them later on, while sorting them and editing, memories emerge slowly just like a flying bubble in the air. It’s only when the photos are ready that my keyboard starts to make music or my pen to make dance moves! I may sometimes write a lot, but have in mind that you’ll always have a glimpse of what I’m saying on Instagram, through a shorter version of course, for those of you who don’t like reading.

How cool is this street where colorful houses are just lined up like a makeup palette? What came in my mind at first was my trip to Italy from last year when I visited Venice, Murano and, Burano which is basically a small island with…guess what? colorful houses! haha. I wonder how I’ll react to my past articles when I’ll take time to read them a couple years later. It is going to be a fun exercice because my thoughts can obviously differ and be more in-depth. We’ll see! Back to the topic, while mentioning moments and memories, the reference of Proust’s madeleine is inevitable. How many times am I walking and a fragrance hits me? That moment when you remember somebody, a specific situation, a past life, or just a vague impression of undetermined presence which is very annoying by the way because you’re left with no response. Expect the unexpected, embrace life’s surprises and above all, create moments and experiences so the good times turn into timeless memories that you will remember for ever. If there is one thing I learnt is that you will never remember things you own because they are ephemeral, except maybe printed photos! I personally love looking at old pictures and just replay the scenes, bring the past to the present to illuminate my day. Although we can think memories can also be your worst enemy, I am convinced time is your best friend.

Make it short, surround yourself with the best people, the ones who are as crazy as you are, the ones who understand you, to live fully and to create stories you can not erase. Know yourself, know what you want in life, and pursue your goals, don’t let anyone stop you!



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