L’Alcazar x La Guinguette d’Angèle: the go-to healthy brunch


Sunday. 12pm. Brunch time. Are you hungry? Meet me at L’Alcazar!

Talking about living a healthy life, I discovered La Guinguette d’Angèle around a couple years ago. Ever since then, I follow Angèle’s amazing work. Not only her Instagram is floral and super cute but I also like it because I learn about nutrition whenever she mentions the good features of this or that ingredient/veggie/fruit. It is always very impressive to see how people get very creative when constraints show up. Which means finding new recipes of meals that are tasty, pretty and healthy! After noticing a growing community, it is simply legitimate for her to be able to collaborate with luxury brands such as Chanel for instance. The latest news? A brunch that is entirely thought and executed by herself. She couldn’t find a better place than L’Alcazar that completely sticks to her identity and vice-versa. The tropical vibes surrounding the marble tables highlight a moment of deconnection, far from the city, the noise and the speed. Ideal for a family time or a moment with friends.

Luxury is about essence. The raw in nature. The beauty in simplicity. The creative process of making well-sourced products into an original work through a strong knowledge and know-how. I couldn’t leave her without asking the one question I am obsessed about: what does luxury mean to you? I was convinced she would answer something that matches her personality and as predicted her words were full of harmonious poetry.

“To me, luxury is simplicity. The smell of a fresh lavander field in the sun after the rain. A cat’s purr in the crook of one’s neck. The iodine smell of the Breton ocean… anyway, moments of contemplations and daily full consciousness.”

An epitome of slow life. I totally agree with her. It is one vision of luxury among others. I can related because I am used to wander and have breaks from time to time. It happens that I walk through the gardens, stop and breathe deeply to feel the fresh air that intertwine with floral notes. Believe me or not, but sometimes this is all you need to be resourced. Be inspired by nature, indeed, it has so much to offer!

Let’s have a closer look to what I actually ate. Before juggling between organic fruits and veggies, a quinoa salad and a porridge to be shared were on all the tables, accompanied with purées and vegetable spreads to put on different types of gluten-free breads. Orange marmelade, strawberry jam, mango purée – a dream –  and gomasio. I had a mega crush on the 5 grains bread coming from Chambelland that is composed of poppy, sesame, sunflower, flax and golden fax seeds, crispy outside and very soft in the inside. Beside all this, the buffet included a green juice (apple, spirulina, mint, lemon, ginger) and a protein smoothie (almond milk, pear, maple, gray salt, vanilla). As for hot drinks, we had the choice between tea, matcha latte, Yannoh, infusion or hot chocolate with almond milk, otherwise almond, soya, coco and hazelnut milks were offered as well. We started with a homemade granola (omega 3) in which you could add coco or complete sugar as well as ‘superfoods’ such a chia seeds, spirulina, hemp seeds etc, and of course, seasonal fresh fruits. That day, the vegan cake was a gluten-free chocolate cake, good but slightly dry. Then the fameux Açai arrived afterwards. For those of you who don’t know what it is, we blend the fruit with other ones such as banana usually to have a smooth consistency. We can play around with toppings and it tastes amazing. They are also available at La Guinguette, although you will have a small portion of it, it tastes amazingly and it looks so pretty!

So, the only thing you have to order is the main course. Here are the different options:

  • LE CLASSIQUE – Two soft boiled eggs & baby spinach, orange and almond based cream
  • LE VEGAN – Avocado toast & gomasio / raw vegetable tagliatelles and flower petal
  • LE GOURMAND – Veggie burger with Ossau Iraty cheese / raw vegetable tagliatelles
  • LE POULET BIO – Roasted chicken/ sweet potato and butternut purée
  • LE SAUMON BIO – Red labelled Scottish farmed salmon tataki (au sel fumé et gingembre) / salad mixed with herbs

We went for the avocado toasts and trust me they were delicious. I have tried so many in Paris, that I ended up thinking they were all the same. I knew hers were going to be different and I wasn’t wrong at all! Every detail counts and this is what makes it perfect. Moreover, I have never had a veggie burger ever before as I’ve always thought it was going to be scary, and taste weird but, come on, looks like I trusted her and was willing to try it on! The mix of veggies was very interesting with touches of light spices to balance the flavor. And finally we could really realize the tagliatelles as the side dish were very fresh whenever you have raw veggies, you can immediately tell! Oh well…

It’s almost 3pm. The brunch is over, you killed it. You’re not even tired because of the digestion. All you want to do is to go on adventures because you are full of energy! Once again, congratulations Angèle, may your smile and good mood always be remembered! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you!


62 rue Mazarine

75006 Paris

01 53 10 19 99


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