From September 15th to November 15th, artist Richard Orlanski invades the Village Royal with his geometric sculptures. Once again, the gap between art and luxury gets closer. Indeed in an alley where some luxury boutiques can be foreseen, not far from the ‘Faubourg’, the Born Wild concept brings fauna into an urban spot. The aim of the exhibition is about questioning animal instinct and human nature. Tourists and Parisians are keen of this set up located in the 8th district of the capital, taking uncountable photos and selfies. What did you think of it?

Funny story is I was invited to last week’s Electroshock where the artist himself got to play his DJ set including his first single featuring Eva Simons. What if he could simply belong to the art world? Being the best-selling French contemporary artist isn’t enough? People succeed and then think of their real passion once being already categorized. Moving to another industry always sparks off a debate: are they legitimate?


Mambrini boots

photo credit: Eloan Anquez


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