Tranoï: Womenswear SS17


From September 30th to October 3rd, the well known fashion trade show Tranoï took place in three different key places in Paris: Palais de la Bourse, Carrousel du Louvre and Cité de la Mode et du Design. Over 650 international brands showcased their Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

I have decided to visit one per day to spot innovative and interesting brands. Taking the time to go through all the alleys, here are the ones that caught my attention. Some of them have beautiful products, some share inspiring stories and others embody a rare quality.

Palais de la Bourse

Founded in 2011, FOB Paris is a French watchmaking brand. Sari Hijji, Aurélien Caron and Laurent Aziz, the three young entrepreneurs found a mutual passion for pocket watches right after graduation. While they couldn’t find a watch they like on the market, the idea of creating their own came up. At the crossroads of past and modernity, the brand knows to reinvent itself with capsule collections in collaboration with exclusive artists or designers, enhancing their DNA. On a personal level, the notion of time has always been an ever-ending topic to be questionable about, as well as memories. This is why these items mean a lot, not only are they splendid, but what they represent conveys a strong message.

Knitbrary is a luxury fashion brand that offers knitted pieces. You may wonder where the name comes from, but it’s in fact really simple. Yolanda Estévez – founder and creative director – wants to create a library of the best fiber in the world. By ‘best’, she believes in respectful materials, all natural and sustainable. The products are thus organic, in majority handwoven except from the blue shirt pictured bellow. Note that everything is unbelievably soft, and high-quality. The blue shirt is incredibly thin and it can only be realized by machine. Moreover they are hand dyed with natural ingredients, of course. The production is established in Peru with locals where she spends several weeks to make sure that the collection goes well.



Carrousel du Louvre

Thierry Lasry is a French designer who launched his eponymous sunglasses line in 2006. His products are entirely hand made and synonym of craftsmanship. They are all made in acetate what makes the shapes easier to be sculpted. In addition, the designer talks about ‘back to the future’ whenever it comes to his motto. I already knew the brand before and it still remains one of my favorite eyewear brand because it suits perfectly my face! If you are fashion-conscious, he has to be known.

LIE is a Korean designer brand created by Chung Chung Lee and his sister. By meeting the creative director, an entire universe opens up. The made in Seoul womenswear brand  was part of the Korean Spotlight with other five designers. Not only the aesthetics sticked to my style but the entire story of the collection is just like poetry. Whenever a designer believes in his work, you can feel it, you can feel the passion. I was really impressed by the combination of materials because that is a lot of time spent on research, if it matches or not. In the end, the SS17 collection is a total success. It’s all about details. Indeed, it remains wearable as well as fashionable. The lines are gracious and the cuts modern. The LIE woman is feminine and active, she travels a lot and like expressing herself through strong pieces of garment.

Rupert Peter Landendinger co-founded Malene Birger in 2002 allowing him to be a real style connoisseur. He then founded RPL in 2012. Through perfumes, home fragrances and body care, the Danish company works with French experts to create delicate scents. The candles are good investments as they all smell amazing – trust me, I smelled all of them to be able to ensure that!

Thierry Lasry

Cité de la Mode et du Design

This season, Tranoï launches its “Curated By” project. It consists in giving an artist or designer ‘carte blanche’ to invade a space. And for the first edition, designer Johanna Senyk presented Wanda Nylon‘s SS17 collection through her own visual identity. The winner of the 2016 ANDAM Fashion Awards Grand Prize unveils cutting-edge fashion designs.

Studio Khachatryan has been asked to come up with an original work to emphasize the new lifestyle area. The collection presented is named “further from function” aka FFF and what stroke me, was the doubting moment I was stuck in, wondering whether the objects were art pieces or furnitures. Despite that they brought too many for the small space they had, I could easily imagine a more minimalistic set up. I got inspired with the sentences lost among the items.

Each object as a frozen moment of movement

The concept store Merci designed the press club. The space was an inspiration of modernity mixed with industrial and vintage touches. You can also catch a glimpse of a mid 19th century captain’s seat crafted in metal. Funny story is when I was asked to take a photo with the Lomography camera, I went straight to it and when I sat on the chair, the feeling is definitely not what you were expecting haha, I almost fell! Things have been said, the Tranoï x Merci suite underlines once again the launch of the lifestyle area of the fair.

Tranoï has been a success, David Hadida knows how to reinvent traditional fairs into a must go by being up to date and creative. Looking forward to new surprises coming up!

Wanda Nylon
Studio Kachatryan
Suite Merci x Tranoï

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