OFF Paris Seine, the floating hotel


Approaching the second half of September, the end of summer is slowly echoing. From a day to another, Paris’ weather went from 32 degrees sunshine to rainy 20… Now that the sky looks more like a glass of milk rather than the Mediterranean sea, let me tell you more about one of the hottest place that just opened in the French capital. Being stuck in Paris is not always a bad thing because there is continuously something going on here and there. But yes, we will all be dreaming about the other side of the globe…! Novelties, launches and openings are surrounding you, you just have to open your eyes to break the routine, so no excuse for boredom!

Opened on June 23rd, the first ever floating hotel welcomes guests on the docks just at the exit of Austerlitz train station, and a few meters away from Cité de la Mode et du Design. Have you heard of it? Well, entering the hotel, all the rooms are located on the right and split on two floors. One of my favorite area is la Rue, the alley separating the Seine view and the Dock side showing the soon-to-open terrace. The light shines over the benches and the pouffes where I could enjoy a little read for a few hours. These kind of moments are ideal to take a break in our daily busy tasks. In between indoor and outdoor, the atmosphere is really uncommon, quiet and peaceful. Among the 58 rooms including 4 suites, here is pictured one of my favorite one: the Designer Silver Suite, with the yellow bathtub right in the middle, the spatial-like sofa, the iron-looking wardrobe and the hanging mirrors on the ceiling. It might sound insane but have a look bellow, it’s worth it!

You know what? Let’s have a closer look on the other part. Follow me around, it’s cool, trust me, you won’t be disappointed! We leave wooden brown shades for bluish tones… or somehow also copper-colored ones. Because café terraces have become so mainstream and rooftops are full of abounding inhabitants and tourists, how about diving into a getaway? If I say… inflatable flamingo. What do you have in mind? We have been seeing these all summer long on Instagram, invading LA house parties to Parisian swimming pools! The golden buoy is now the emblem of the so-called OFF Paris Seine. On one side, breakfast is served in the morning as a buffet while on the other side the bar privatizes the grey lounge. I haven’t been there on the evening yet, when it’s open to public from 5pm to 1am but the sunset should be pretty amazing…! Convinced? See you there!




Off Paris Seine

20-22 Port d’Austerlitz

75013 Paris


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