1.618 Paris’ curation at northmodern


I was in the world’s happiest country two weeks ago: Denmark. You surely know it if you follow me on Instagram. northmodern opened its door from August 18th to 20th. The danish design fair is growing rapidly, presenting its fourth edition this month. With an extensive selection of high-end brands, visitors came across the world to discover the latest trends.

As a complete beginner in the design industry, my eye is slowly becoming refined. Practice makes perfect as said, right? Aesthetics and beauty are subjective notions, but what if we add a sustainable dimension? I used to believe that luxury and sustainability were hard to combine and I was totally wrong. What drives me on a daily-basis is to be convinced that I learn everyday! Be curious, ask questions, just like when I was a child, no one could stand me anymore haha, ‘what is this?’, ‘what does that mean?’, ‘could you explain to me how this is made?’,… sorry not sorry, but this is how you get better.

In a few words, 1.618 Paris offers consulting and communication services for sustainable luxury brands. The French agency questions the meaning of luxury – sounds familiar? – the luxury of the 21st century, the one that combines beauty, creativity, emotion, innovation and sustainability.1.618 is the golden ratio, symbol of universal harmony and this is what the agency fights for everyday. Within a 400 meter-square space in the Crystal Hall, the 1.618 curation regrouped a selection of brands reflecting a sustainable lifestyle in their own way. Here are my favorite ones:

Kovac Family: Founded by Camilla Kovac, the Swedish company not only offers products but also services. With an iconic Lamp 25, it managed to find its market among the connoisseurs. Where simplicity is key, minimalism is felt. Nothing complex, straight to the point, 25 stands for the number of wooden pieces – that are of course FSC certified. She previously created  a wallpaper that improves indoor air quality. With constant flourishing ideas in mind,  she is naturally inspired and works on a biomimetic project. It consists in translating properties found in nature into sustainable innovations. Thus a future lighting feature is on the go, which means no electricity just like marine sponges, beetles and tropical butterflies! NB: Camilla and Christopher, you are inspiring and definitely role models!

Materia: The Romanian studio promotes a sustainable and minimal design. In raw materials, either reclaimed or certified wood, the furnitures are massive and expressive. Following a traditional technique called Shou Sugi Ban, it consists of charring the wood with fire, giving it the black color as an alternative to paint or stain. It brings you back to what the added value nature has. Note that you’ll definitely need space if you also fell in love with the Alkar table and the Faug stools!

Studio INI: Interactive Interventions. From Greece and based in London, Nassia Inglessis explores several fields from digital to healthcare through biotechnology and more, in order to redefine the relationship between the digital and physical world. The projects are presented scientifically on her website: a problem, a solution. I’ve been studying maths for a long time myself and it is surely bringing some memories back – clarity. The Yalos lamp was presented in Copenhagen. Handcrafted and handblown, the shape looking like a drop of water conveys gracious and delicate lines. My crush went on the one with a mirror support. Moreover it can also hold a cup of coffee or tea, keeping it warm, multifunction is a plus!

Fiddle + Hammer: Sculptor and violinist Jordan Waraksa combined his passions to come up with a meaningful brand. It is for sure my ultimate favorite through its poetic, raw and elegant combination, using craftsmanship and savoir-faire for the benefit of a hand carved wooden horn masterpiece. Besides the Bellaphone speaker, he also works on furnitures, sounds good right? He also leads The Vitrolum Republic with his brother where they respectively play the violin and the piano in the band. Looks like creativity is a family affair..! Jordan and his wife Cora brought the energy and the positivity straight from the United States and as human beings, they are truly amazing people. Keep up the good job, our roads will cross again!

La Petite Papeterie Française: As a paper lover, how could I even ignore such a trendy but durable brand? Using recycled paper means that 7 times less water has been consumed. Did you know that paper could be made of almond, olive or leather waste? I didn’t, but now I know! As a must, the French company received Elle DK’s favorite label during the fair! Sylvie Bétard created the Slow Office manifesto. It consists in taking time. Instead of running everywhere, just slow down. I personally feel it. Why? Because life looks easier when you are not stressed out. Because anything precious does not appear in the blink of an eye. Because typing on my computer makes me forget how to write. Inspiration does not come to me in front of my screen but outdoor. What if great stories began on beautiful notebooks? Get inspired and inspire others.

Solutions are right in front of us. Research, time and some motivation are the magic ingredients. Whenever you are passionate about something, it will lead you wherever you want. And this is what all these amazing people are doing, convinced by their mutual works, good vibes are contagious!

Copenhagen, you were amazing! Can’t wait to see you again! Note that northmodern will only take place once a year from now, next: May 9 to 11th 2017!


Kovac Family
Studio INI
Fiddle + Hammer

La Petite Papeterie Française


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