Les Blés de Chanel


Weekend stroll in Paris to admire ‪#‎BlesVendome‬, an installation by Gad Weil located on Place Vendôme. It was set up for a few days only to complete the launch of ‪#‎LesBlesdeChanel‬… 1 million wheats, 120 m3 of sand, 1km of wood for the base, 4 tons of paint, 500 people working on this project and 6 months of preparation. The collection includes 62 pieces. Discovering Chanel new collections is always a good surprise, you never expect what you are going to see. Wheat has never been taken as main inspiration for a high jewelry collection. It is really a premiere. As we know it took a special place in Mademoiselle Chanel’s heart, combinations are infinite. It meant good luck, abundance and prosperity. From green stones to yellow ones, the life cycle of the wheat is completely represented. Make sure your eyes don’t blink!


Alex Perry at L’Eclaireur – Mambrini heels


masterpiece – yellow diamonds of 25 carats



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