Il Salviatino, a romantic hideaway in Fiesole


Are you looking for a haven of peace in the Tuscan hills? Well here is another one, but this time, it is located in the northeast part. 15 minutes away from the city center, this is the place to be if you are looking for calmness and serenity. Also, as an addicted to all things green related, aka nature, it is heaven on earth way before time!

If you follow me on Snapchat (@missannatai), you should know my joy when I find a new garden or anything that can makes me escape from the city life just a moment or two. For instance, le Jardin des Plantes in Paris is always a resourcing place for me because fauna and flora come together and form like a bubble that makes you forget everything around… This may seem unusual for someone my age to look for some slow life here and there this is why everyone calls me granny but I’m fine with it, but I need my moment of wisdom just like the wise man has to go in the jade mountain! (Don’t pay attention to what I just said, someone will understand) Well, while arriving, seeing all these trees, these tall trees, approximately ten meters high -I guess- I was already mind-blown. It almost seemed like a castle surrounded by its 50,000 m2 park.

Lucky me, the sun was out and shiny. What a bright day to sit at the terrace where you can enjoy a light lunch facing a gorgeous view. La Cucina’s menu offers quite a few meals from pizzas to pastas through salads and more, knowing that there is also another restaurant inside. We opted for a ravioli di ricotta di buffala e pomodorini (ricotta cheese ravioli with buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes) and a tagliata di tonno pomodorini e olive nere (sliced tuna with cherry tomatoes and black olives) – I’m learning Italian at the same time haha. Me, as a wine lover, Italy, as another wine region, I obviously had to try one, so the waiter kindly brought a Veroni Bianco di Toscana and that was very good! The food was perfectly cooked and tasty, I miss it already! Did you hear dessert? Frutta fresca tagliata e semifreddo al cappuccino, which means sliced fresh fruits and a cappuccino parfait. Listen to me, fruits are fruits right, but firstly I thought the cappuccino was going to be an iced drink or something but… wait for it… the cake, my goodness, one of the best I’ve ever had in my life, guys! The mix of cream, chocolate, and the chestnut biscuit-like paste, no words, just bites. I guess I can crawl now to find it again…! The service was perfect and is one of the best so far, probably on the same level as the Rosewood in London.

One more thing that stroke me in the positive way is the library. An entire library! I’m a reader and I still haven’t seen one in a hotel. This also contributes in the charm of the building through its homy feeling. Moreover Il Salviatino housed Stanford University’s overseas program from 1973, with classrooms, library, dining, and accommodation for students. How I wish I could study in this place! And maybe I was enjoying it too much, god decided to throw some storm at me haha. Saying ‘hey Anna, come back on earth!’ The scene clearly happened at the end of the shoot, right after the pool situation. But what you can also enjoy during the beautiful Tuscan days is to wander in the Italian garden with a glass of Prosecco, a typical sparkling wine. Any desire? Ask the hotel, they already did an amazing job with the bride who wanted to arrive flying in the air! Breathtaking!





Il Salviatino

Via del Salviatino, 21

50137 Fiesole – Firenze


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