Villa Cora, Italian charm on the Tuscan hills


Hey there! Following up on the Italian trip, welcome to Villa Cora! Located in the south of the city center, it is only 15 minutes away by car. Going through the snaky alleys leading to the hotel, jazz music invaded the surroundings. The entrance is opening doors to a postcard-like scene throwing back to the 1870’s…

Rose trees draw a poetic frame all the way to the restaurant facing the pool. 1 O’clock! Lunch time! How peaceful is it to have a meal paced by the sound of water? If you want to check the food photographies, I invite you to have a look on Instagram with #lfvillacora. With such a warm weather and a bright sun, I could never have anything else than a salad. Are you also the kind of person who is slightly influenced by the weather? I have learnt to go through it but it is not always easy especially when we’ve been having a lot of rain in Paris… but the good point is heat makes me eat less and puts me in a good mood!


This is complete craziness when you think that actual people lived here as their own home. Fascination fills me whenever I discover new places because they are part of history with anecdotes related to intellectual or political people. By simply walking around, I come up wondering what else do I need? I stopped, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, opened my eyes and smiled. Smiled at life because there is nothing more beautiful than living your life fully. Nothing better than being passionate. And silence becomes king ; breeze brings butterflies to the flourishing flowers but only bees’ buzzing matches the still nature, playing hide and seek.

The 360 view from the main building’s rooftop is breathtaking. Plunging on the Tuscan landscape, it puts things in perspectives. Spending an entire day admiring the horizon is no problem. Going out of the comfort zones is either more enjoyable or trickier as the unknown is uncertain. You are the only one to make the best of your moment!



Wearing this Loris Azzaro – DDS Vintage silk dress with sequins with the Grace crown from Rosantica at LECLAIREUR made me feel like a princess. I opted for Atelier Renee’s cuff and bracelet, all handmade, with gold flat shoes from Mambrini.


Villa Cora

Viale Machiavelli, 18

50125 Firenze, Italy


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