Palazzo Parigi, Paris brought to Milan


Hello lovelies! It’s been a while but time has finally arrived! As promised, a bunch of news are coming, and if you are following me on Instagram, you surely know I spent some time in Italy lately. On a daily basis, it is of course easier to post live videos on Snapchat and Instagram photos rather than write a entire article where I have to take time, relax and focus. While traveling it is always tiring because you spend your days visiting like a real tourist, take photos and eat, local food, a lot, especially pizzas haha.

We have seen the Palazzo Parigi quite a few times now, especially on Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram. Indeed, it opened in September 2013, replacing then a previous Italian bank. The historic Milanese building is located in the quarter of Brera and if you are a real traveller you can reach any place by foot. The Parco Sempione where you can find the Castello Sforzesco and Milan’s Triennale is down the road (15min). The Duomo of Milano is also at 15min walk from the hotel but above all, foodies will appreciate the market nearby and art lovers the Pinacoteca of Brera. No one is left behind!

Entering the luxury hotel is like opening a magical book. Facing a tremendous marble staircase, the trip has already begun. From Paris to Milan in one place. There is a waltz between both cultures where French statues meet the glowing chandelier made of Murano glass. Then the first floor is entirely dedicated to business purpose with movable walls that are very convenient according to the number of guests – also relevant for weddings.





Milan is also known as a major fashion city and we had the chance to bump into a few photoshoots in different parts of the hotel. Moreover the restaurant has an interesting specificity. It is composed of a runway-like way from the kitchen to the room which, from the outside, simply looks like a mirror. There, once again, can be found an Italian design of the 40’s and 50’s mixed with a very french chimney surrounded by paintings all over the wall. Then right opposite the dining room is the terrace and winter garden with stone sculptures outside. Guests can enjoy a light lunch or a tea time in a splendid setting, quiet and delightful.


From the fourth to the eighth, 65 rooms and 33 suites are all designed individually and each of them owns a balcony, sometimes very Parisian with the little table and its metal stools. The rooms are decorated with paintings and none of them can be found twice what makes them unique. With a second floor dedicated to fitness, the third one belongs to the spa and its private garden for relaxation. Great news coming later in the year concerning the spa! Last but not least, have you seen the gorgeous pool? The Moroccan design and the sound of the water can only make you spend some time in paradise…


Palazzo Parigi

Corso di Porta Nuova, 1

20121 Milano, Italy


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