Striped Jumpsuit


Hello everybody! Hope you are all doing great! A little word first about the Edito section of the blog. I initially wanted it to include design and layout inspirations with outfit ideas I create. So not really like a complete article but more of a one-shot photo only. First of all because I don’t want my blog to be a fashion blog and this leads me to why I changed my mind. I am an intuitive person which means I often follow my instinct. Sometimes more rational, sometimes less and it happened that once in a while I would like to have a few fashion “articles”. Outfit posts are often known to be 90% of photos and 10% of text. Yes I like photos but I also love writing this is why I will try to come up with an interesting subject, a story or simply an original content.

This aims at inspiring people and maybe for you to create your own looks, to mix some pieces with others. Moreover it is also a great opportunity for myself to share some tips and to give you some advices. Let’s get into this: whenever you wear stripes, always break the patterns with a plain colored piece. I chose a trench-like coat, ideal for spring, just a little awkward on the back as we may think I’m not wearing anything haha. For a French touch, just through it on your shoulders because you know it’s so classy! Another option is to wear a very light vest or a top that you can leave open if the weather is a little warmer so you won’t get cold if the wind says hello! And of course, accessory is key: a scarf, a clutch or a handbag, style it how you like it!

Never forget that clothes don’t make the man. Human beings unconsciously want to expose themselves. I read something not long ago saying that talking about money is taboo -not everywhere but especially in France- so people will show how much they have in their bank accounts through what they own: cars, clothes, handbags etc. Hypocrites? Can you tell the difference between someone who have been working for months to finally buy a luxury item and someone who just bought the same product as if it was supermarket shopping? Hard to distinguish. But above all, artificial. Relationships and sharing, conversations and interactions, aren’t the things that are the most valuable? Take two minutes to think about it! I want this section to inspire you but if you take time to read, I really hope I could just raise awareness on a few topic. See you soon!


photography © Eloan Anquez & Alexandre Gaudin


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