Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero: in a total green harmony


Hello everyone! I am back! As a quick introduction, we, as human beings are always looking for things we do not have and it feels right because it is an instinctive reaction. Once you have what you want, you don’t need it anymore, you don’t want it anymore. It is a fact. After this break, short or long depending on the step back, I am convinced that it is about coming back in better conditions. Not that I had to understand what I want but to focus on the priorities. To figure out what’s best. To simply take time to appreciate. So let me invite you to read this new article just like we never left each other.

Welcome to Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero. Part of Marriott International Group – the leading hotel group implanted in eighty countries. It is located in between the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The discreet entrance invites you to the reception with its Bistro chic at the end of it. Executive chef Stephane Duchiron runs “Le Relais du Parc” offering a traditional French cuisine. The luminous room establishes a corporate dimension by its whiteness paired with grey touches. And if you simply look up, the ceiling represents an old map of the city creating somehow a contrast with the present moment through the modernity of the setting. Indeed, luxury is the ability to play with the values and also to stick to the ever evolving world around us.


It’s 1pm. Lunch time. Ready to eat. Comfortably sitting, I could not wait to discover the food. Despite the fact that the waitress seemed slightly unhappy -it happens and I won’t judge, although it depends on the capability to hide it- the wine arrives first and the good point is the menu is fully completed by a large choice of beverages. As (almost) always, I go for a white Sancerre which is a reference to me beside Chablis or the good old Chardonnay. And breaking the rules is what makes you different. I won’t necessarily get a red wine with meat. I do not particularly appreciate red wine on its own, as a perfect match it could be.

As starters, two options on the daily chalkboard, either butternut soup with pieces of chestnuts and red onions or an octopus based salad with citrus fruits, smoked paprika espuma and lemon biscuit (pictured in the first column bellow). I was keen of seafood when I was younger but the grown-up side of me brings me to like soups. Strongly because of its green side, the healthy part of it whispering the benefits it has and my new obsession about veggies. The soup was incredibly well balanced in terms of quantity, the different textures namely the liquid, the meltingly soft chestnuts and the herbs bringing some freshness in the mouth. As for the salad, it remains gentle, no strong savor but delicate.

The main course included fish or meat: organic salmon with leeks, olives and lavender infusion or faux-filet of roasted beef, carrot mousseline and juice glazed carrot. A lot of carrot I know but so tasty. I had the meat in medium which came perfectly and the entire orange part believe me, was delicious. On the other side, the fish was really basic meal, good but nothing crazy.

Last but not least, it’s dessert time! Presented in a dessert trolley, the cheese cake and the Paris Brest looked yummy. I am usually not a big fan of cheese cake because of the amount of cheese in the actual cake but I have to admit that I pretty much appreciated it. The meringue was left over, I definitely can not get along with this thing, for no reason. Both desserts weren’t too sweet which is a good thing and once again, it’s healthier and tastes better. Another way to feel less guilty probably. The service could have been better for a 5 star hotel. We talk about excellence and it wasn’t the case even though the restaurant has no Michelin star, it remains part of the hotel. Moreover it deals with human relations: I am convinced we should all be amiable to each other. The blackboard menu is very affordable which is something to consider comparing to other hotels on the same scale and you can be sure to have fresh products that are well cooked!

Facing directly the garden, the lighting is very nice inside the restaurant, especially on sunny days. Relaxation is one of the keyword to describe this hotel. Advocating peace through green space and a still atmosphere, bet is won! Plant wall, well garnished garden, green furnitures in the bedrooms. How amazing is the feeling of going outside, breathing some fresh air in the silent and serene terrace sheltering a sculpted giant egg of 2,30 meters tall emphasizing birth and rebirth (renaissance)? This space is surrounded by four historical buildings including the bedrooms of which 70% have a view of the garden. How about we meet here again under a 25°C sun sipping a drink on the terrace?


` Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel

55-57 Avenue Raymond Pointcaré

75116 Paris


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