Le Sinople: a Tropical Nest inside Paris

Le Sinople © Anna Tai

Hello lovelies, have you ever been stuck and wondered about where to eat? It happens to me a looot. Paris is my hometown and there comes a time when I am simply lost and do not know where to go anymore. It is stupid because there are so many places to go to! All you need is time, time to search, time to scroll, time to filter. Or, something very useful and helpful that I highly appreciate, is this friend coming out of nowhere telling you about how good a restaurant is. Alleluia! Thank god. It is a natural reaction to trust people who are surrounding us. I’d rather listen to an acquaintance than a stranger. It makes sense. We all do read the comments left on the several websites presenting hotels, restaurants, and so on. But. The reality is, what you might not have liked, I, could potentially enjoy it. I always recommend to try by yourself before believing. “I’ll believe it when I see it”, I’ll definitely have my own opinion once I’ve tasted or tried it.

Today is about Le Sinople, a green space in an urban city. It feels good to be surrounded by plants… that are different from the parks and gardens around. It really does have this tropical feel allowing us to escape. I feel like I needed some of these, needed some other ‘scape’, either city or land, I want to travel the world so bad. I also miss vacations a lot as I didn’t leave for long this last summer due to the internship. The interesting thing is to find these original gems in the crowd. Enough said about the setting and I know you want to know more about the food, yes, I see you. Careful, if you are hungry, it is gonna be difficult to handle. #foodporn

What I like about food is when they have a creative dimension, either visually or in the taste. It is for sure another way to express ourselves. It emphasizes a universe. Starting with a colorful beetroot based carpaccio, it is a love at first sight. The presentation is nice, reminding of some sort of a garden. The sea beam tartar itself is very fresh as it comes with mango, avocado and radish thus playing with textures, otherwise if you like truffles, there is a truffle-based taramasalata that comes with blinis. As for the main course, you can get meat or fish. No matter what you choose, except if you don’t like one of them, you won’t be disappointed. The mix of the quantity is well balanced. A very nice address I recommend if you are looking for a healthy meal and a tropical environment.

Beetroot Carpaccio at Le Sinople © Anna Tai
Sea Beam Tartar – Truffle Taramasalata © Anna Tai
Beef Back Steak at Le Sinople © Anna Tai
Sea Bass Filet with Aubergine at Le Sinople © Anna Tai
Le Sinople
4 bis Rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 Paris


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