Le Salon De L’Homme & Des Belles Montres

Hello there everyone! Last weekend in Paris took place Le Salon De L’Homme & Des Belles Montres. What is this all about? They were initially separated. The Gentlemen’s Trade Fair aka Le Salon De L’Homme was created last year and deals with everything men related, from fashion to lifestyle through technology, gastronomy, cars etc. On the other side, Les Belles Montres was a salon only dedicated to watches. You are going to tell me, Anna, what were you doing there? Well, you know me, I am basically sticking my nose everywhere. Moreover the industries of men are quite unknown for me so it is logical to somehow discover what’s going on here and there. Isn’t it what snakes do? Back to serious, to me it was pretty genius to unite both of them. Why? They complete each other in the way that they are targeting men. In terms of marketing and communication, it is probably easier also to related one to the other.

Let’s focus on some points that caught my eye. First of all, Boucheron, the first jeweler of Place Vendôme is once again at the rendez-vous offering gorgeous pieces, all shiny everything. Admiring the creations is simply breathtaking, the work is incredible and very inspiring to me. In the mean time, nearby, Vacheron Constantin was celebrating its 260th anniversary. A little transaction before moving on to the second part, Hennessy from LVMH group was also an exhibitor there. I tried the famous XO, which has the same taste as I thought before or like any other cognac I’ve had but I guess it’s gonna be quite difficult for me to become an expert for this alcohol as it’s very strong and well known for men! But. At the same place, right next to them, Veuve Clicquot was presenting its new Rich champagne dedicated to mixology with 60g of sugar per liter and 45% Pinot Noir, 40% Meunier and 15% Chardonnay. You want to customize your drink and experiment new savors? Whether fruity, fresh or elegant, put some ice cubes in a big glass of wine, then choose either grapefruit, cucumber or tea, and add some champagne! Of course you can try with any ingredient of your choice and if you do, tell me how it tastes! The champagne is really unique, unveiling (some more than others) the hidden savors. I could have drunken the cocktail just like water seriously. As a hater of rosé, I think I found my love for next summer!
Hey. It’s me again. I know I kinda went away, dreaming about beaches and so on but I have an article to finish! damn. Remember? So me, walking around, observing, analyzing, in a space full of male. Do I look like an intruder? Well, maybe. Who cares. I discovered something. I had a crush. A crush on Liquides Imaginaires. What is it? A bar of perfumes. Yes, it is awesome. It started from the statement that you take your time at a bar when you are having a drink. The principle is the same. The advisor is going to present different olfactory touches in order to find the right one for you. Some of them can be use for both women and men. Bello Rabelo is very nice for men, this would be my selection as a Christman gift or birthday present. It has this porto accord and dried fruits as first notes, and balm then amber wood. Very manly, with the soul of a fighter and a risk taker. On the contrary, I would totally get the Dom Rosa with its beautiful color, in between purple and burgundy. The name is inspired by champagnes just like the first note paired with grapefruit. It smells so good! Fragrance paradise. Service on fleek.
Now let’s see something else, something interesting. They say they will make you show things that you usually don’t want to. Hangers for example, or shoehorns. Right? FingersStyle found a way to make them look nice and quite luxurious as well. In terms of business, you start with a basic idea and try to push it to a higher level. That’s what they did by offering leathered hangers with a personalized service – initials that are lime printed. That is also what I could offer, nevertheless they are not available online yet but it is coming, no worries. Otherwise I went back another day to attend a conference held by Alexandre Mattiussi aka AMI, it was interesting to have his vision on several points. “Menswear is always brought to the reality of an everyday dressing.” “The new classic is a twisted basic.” What emphasizes his brand is the authenticity of the speech, as he assures he didn’t invent anything, he wasn’t going to revolutionize menswear. However he gives a new cut, with a certain lightness, humour, something positive and optimistic. Working by themes, no, he works differently, no story behind a coat, as a coat remains a coat, nothing more, nothing else. Very often in fashion, we have to tell stories but Mattiussi does not, following his instinct is what leads him to his creativity.

Vacheron Constantin at SDLH & Belles Montres
Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin
Liquides Imaginaires
Liquides Imaginaires
© FingersStyle
Veuve Clicquot – Instagram @missannatai
Luxury Cars – Instagram @missannatai
photo credit © Anna Tai

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