Hôtel Bachaumont: a discreet charm in the heart of Paris

Hey there! After what happened in Paris two weeks ago, I thought it could be nice to go back to the roots. Paris is the city of love and the city of light. Everything shines despite the rainy days. Its architecture, its beauty, its charm, its romanticism. Paris is one of those cities that never sleeps. Its inhabitant love life by enjoying a croissant in the morning, a cup of coffee at a terrace, walking along the Seine and reading books in the gardens. I am never bored in the city. There is always something to do. Indeed everyday is a new day. And I am gonna be presenting this freely arrived, new born hotel straight from the Roaring Twenties.

Samy Marciano worked on this project with designer Dorothée Meilichzon. The Carrara marble floor welcomes you in the few months-old hotel. Thus the lobby is very bright, reflected by the white walls and ceiling. The atmosphere is pure and delicate until you arrive at the reception at the end of the corridor where colors are darker. There is a certain progression to intimacy as you go further to the rooms. Here and there, details remind of other things such as the motif of the main door reworked on the floor, carpets and beside tables, or tiles of the bathrooms referring to the Parisian subways. Throughout the rooms, blue is the dominant color and Dorothée played with it. She managed to match shades in order to make the client feel at home. It’s really in between business and classy.

Among the 45 rooms and 4 suites, the little balconies are really a specificity. It stroke me as I realized how much it represents. Parisian by excellence. You wake up in the morning, half awake half asleep, all you want is to stay in bed but you don’t want to be a larvae so you try your best to move or should I say crawl to the window, wrapped in your blanket. Once arrived in front of the transparent piece of glass, you are ready to face the cold dawn. You open it, a fresh breeze caresses your cheeks. Sitting on the chair, looking at the sky, hopefully you can catch the sunrise and the birds fly. Or. Comes the late afternoon, after a long day, hit by fatigue, what would be more benefit than a glass of wine enjoying the roofs of this unique city? All this sum up in three words: feel at home. I would suggest a stay either in the Bachaumont suite located on the event floor with a big bay window offering an amazing lighting to the room or if you are tempted by the key experience of my little story right above, the balconies suite are on the sixth floor. Home suite home… all you need is to feel comfy, safe and somewhere to rest.

Feeling a bit peckish? The restaurant on the ground floor is the right place to be. With its glass roof and open kitchen, the atmosphere is homy and friendly. I am in love with the colors tones. The mix and match of the prints on the chairs are amazing. Indeed it gives this touch of joyfulness and modernity. Opposite the nice lunch and dining room, there is the Night Flight bar. Hidden and discreet. The bartender is ready to make some cocktails for you in a dark and little cozy space. A perfect rendez-vous with your inner self, for the happy few who are thirsty of comfort.

Preciously Paris – Jonathan Cukierman
Jonathan Cukierman
Bettina Vermillon
Bachaumont restaurant
Night Flight cocktail menu
The Lobby of Hotel Bachaumont


Hôtel Bachumont
18 rue Bachaumont
75002 Paris
photo credit: © Abish Martin

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