Zoom: Carole Tessier, Preciously Paris

A: Could you present yourself and your universe?
CT: I am a designer, an interior architect. I started embroidering in decoration, on the curtains, the sofas, the pillows. I basically fell in love with embroidery. And as I wear a lot of jeans, I wanted to put some on them. I started like this. I could not create a collection at first because it was on my client’s jeans, this sort of bespoke I still work on. In order to create a real collection, I chose a product abled to seduce all the women and this is where I started to embroider the clutch bags.

A: In the end you did not have a fashion background…
CT: Absolutely not. I was impulsed by an aesthetic and an artistic universe. I go to plenty of exhibitions, and try to see lots of artists as well… and this is what inspires me a lot for my clutch bags. Art inspires me a lot, and I add to it a touch of originality, something funny that can provide a more lively feel to a casual or monochrome look.

A: How did this collection happened to be born?
CT: We asked Natalia Vodianova about it a while ago. Two years ago, they wanted me to give some clutch bags to the Love Ball, charity fundraising organized by Vodianova’s Naked Heart Foundation what I accepted. When this event ended, I told myself I should continue and go further in the projects so I presented the collection to her that she really liked one of the pieces. Then she worked on it and reclaimed it in her own way. Finding the fabric, reworking the embroidery, … she added this Russian frieze. It is really all about her choices to the color of the denim. She was very into it, she truly invested herself. The embroidery remains the same compared to our usual collection. Nevertheless this model is available in only two hundred copies and none of our previous designs included a Slav frieze. It is indeed the first one, and also first one that the entire profits go to a foundation. This is something that matters to me. I have six children and I believe it is really important to have a bag in the collection which has a high-pricing that can benefit to a cause. Beside that, I really like the collaborations as I always learn something new.

A: We start to spot some Preciously clutch bags here and there during the fashion weeks, how do you feel about it?
CT: I hope they will find the right place, for the right woman. The distribution is very important, I only target luxury concept stores as well as Colette, L’Éclaireur, 66, in Paris but also in Cannes, in Monte Carlo and I just finished a collaboration with Moda Operandi in the United States, Just One Eye in Los Angeles. As the price is quite high, it becomes a product for the happy few so the concept store have to be determined carefully.

Availabe at Colette in avant-premiere for ten days since November 13th, will be at Le Bon Marché starting from November 23rd, on Nine In The Mirror, a luxury website for pregnant women, and on Preciously.com

Natalia Vodianova & Carole Tessier at Colette © Les Parisiennes



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