Y Generation & The Digital Age

   Digitalization is everywhere. We, as Y Gen, were born and have lived in the digital age. We grew up with phones, computers, TVs, tablets, … Nevertheless I remember in my early childhood that I had none of these when time was just spent in playing toys. Seeing babies swiping the Ipad is very surprising nowadays but it is sticked to the new world. I also remember the time when my dad got his first phone. It was a black flap phone with an antenna. What is that even? haha. Our first computer was taking fifty times more space than my actual MacBook Air, it was square and so big! We played cards and balls, we sprung everywhere, we screamed and enjoyed going to the park. What about the Z Gen? Downloading apps? Clicking on a screen? Technology evolves so fast and our mission is to follow its advances.

   Professionals all over the world are questioning about these new generations’ behaviors in terms of marketing. This young jet set spending the money wherever and whenever they want is a real issue for the brands. Among this, they did not loose this one thing: the sense of interest. This curiosity. And I want to share this: be as curious as you can! You have no idea how powerful it is. Learning by yourself from others is priceless. The Y Gen is above all very interested in art. It may be surprising but it is a fact. Source of inspiration? a way to escape? maybe both. Adults may think we are avoiding it and the truth is, the young generation is wiling to go to exhibitions. This leads me to this proper article. Here and there pictured Saint Gobain’s designs. But first let me tell you something: I did not get the design thing in the beginning. And something clicked. You know this unexplainable mechanism that makes you realize something. Well, when I finally understood design could be translated into fashion and luxury, I started to get interested. It has a story, movements of creativity, icons, etc just like the other industries I quoted.
   Thus, Paris is unbelievably incredible for its never ending novelties and especially in the creative industries. So during the FIAC exhibition at the Grand Palais, some installations were put outside so people can have access to art in a different way. Indeed Saint Gobain celebrated its 350th anniversary and therefore the entire Place de la Concorde was fully covered of positive vibes. Tourists were everywhere. Cameras were flashing all the time. Playing with the contrast between colors and black is such an important topic for me. Nothing can beat a sunrise or a sunset. For the pleasure of my eyes. Calm. Poetic. Instantaneous. Unique. Focus on the emotions. Focus on experience. Shapes, architecture, materials, colors, techniques, the combo is subject to reflexion. Game is on. It often has no end, and this is the best part: trying to understand, even if there is nothing to understand so your creative self can exercise. Eventually, the only way to be remembered is to offer a great experience because there will always be products that are going to be better and better over time!
© Anna Tai
Kengo Kuma – Yure, 2015 © Anna Tai
 Kengo Kuma – Yure, 2015 © Anna Tai


photo credit: Abish Martin

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