Walking around in the streets, passing by the wood benches, the floor lamps are still not shining yet because the sun is still playing hide and seek in the sky. An old man wearing a hat and caring a cane is sitting in the square contemplating the ducks swimming in the water and bickering. Over there, a couple is peacefully having a drink at a terrace. Chatting, laughing, living the moment. Oh. Here is a ball! How I miss childhood when I was simply kicking in the round toy innocently and grabbed it near someone who found it right at his foot. It’s getting darker and darker. The colors are changing, slowly migrating towards the warm tones on the docks. Slap. The lights are on. Shadows are wandering nearby and meeting each others. The rhythm evolves slower. People are taking their time now.

   Flâner means to stroll. The word sounds very french indeed it is a Parisian thing. Spending time with friends at a café, watching people, smocking, … some of you would think it is laziness but it’s not. You may also think it’s losing time but on the contrary it’s about finding it back. You are led by your instinct. You follow your heart and soul. It has this idea of unearthing mysterious things. Moreover this was the original statement of the name of the blog in the beginning because a snake is basically sneaking around, this is why I try my best to find new and original themes or subject to tackle. Flâner is the notion of living in a dream, being positive about what is surrounding us, acting innocently like nothing can stop us, transforming the real into illusion.
   The exhibition was really inspiring. The installations were sticked to reality. They represented the most cliché areas of what emphasizes Paris and France in general. The work was well done as Hermès is a french luxury brand. Open to public, it was a great initiative to let everyone discover its universe. It was indeed an invitation to stroll among the poetic and original staging. If there is one thing to remember, flâner is to find out the unusual in the common, the unseen in the déjà-vu, the far in the close, the visible in the invisible. It is a philosophy of life, a way of thinking and to go further with what is right in front of your eyes. Enjoy fully, live passionately and ‘be cool and smart’ is my new moto!
Michael Kors handbag – The Kooples top – Maje skirt
Chanel earrings
photo credit © Abish Martin



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