Highlight: Women’s Fashion S/S 2016 London

Burberry Prorsum

While on the other side of the Atlantic, the designs are completely different… Let’s meet in one of the most expensive cities in the world – London! After discovering the place, you do realize people are more expressive there. You can see lots of colors in the street through dyed hair to clothes. People seem happier, more joyful and open minded as a comparison to Parisian. All kind of artistic creation can be found, art is everywhere. It is inspiring. But among this entire rainbow words, don’t forget that the British brand by excellence is obviously Burberry and it depends on the seasons but this year Christopher Bailey is not offering a wide color range. We are sticked to black mainly. The digital master remains in simple cuts however its classy side is more accentuated.

At Antonio Berardi, a dominant baroque print is all over the first part. The first look is very fashionable in the way that fashionistas would totally wear it during fashion weeks, the red heels suit perfectly the outfit. And the mix with black highlights the colors – it is the right balance in terms of combination for the second look. However some people may think transparency is complicated to wear and match, the black dress is gorgeous with the incredible work around the waist zone where the fabric meets the lace. More than just “all white everything”, the gold details are incredible, symmetrical and give it a special something added to this monochrome look.

Antonio Berardi

Live your life full of colors! Why am I always talking about colors? Well, it does have an impact on people’s lives. It changes our vision, our way of living and our state of mind. Rainbow equals happiness. Whenever I have to suggest something, give advices on pieces of clothes, I barely never recommend black. Black is the dominant color, yes it is easy to match, but in the end it remains a lack of light, sometimes also people say it is not a color. Colors are easy to wear, you only have to think about it a little, ok I got it, you are lazy and do not want to think… hum… anyway, at Ashish, it is about splashes of paint, just like what I did during my childhood in art class haha.

Christopher Kane

How about a little focus on the relationship between fashion and art? This Christopher Kane dress is geometrically arty and colorful. I instantly thought about a mix of Bruce Gray – on top – and Jean Dubuffet – at the bottom. We all know that these two industries are related in any kind of way. And this is some sort of a new game for me to relate. At least my brain works…!

Gareth Pugh

Let’s have some fun and relate this Gareth Pugh look to Cruella De Vil… Is it because of the hair? her look? the dress? the heels? As I did last time for menswear. I think it is one more time another fun collage to do. Indeed inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere. Anything you see, anything you watch, hear, feel, can be interpreted in your own way and this is what makes the world so full of creativity!

Jean Pierre Braganza
   To end up with this particular post about London fashion week, its crazy colorful and surprising designs, Issa and Jean Pierre Braganza looks are more common. On the first picture, the coat has this amazing pattern that does not give you a headache and you know how some of them can be awful. Silver matches white very well and especially when it gives this regular irregularity that breaks the wise original fabric. These two outfits underline a certain contrast. The other one is the darker side. In those dominant monochrome style, the touch of color or details is the most important one so it feels more alive.
   Milan is going to be intense so get ready to have a longer article soon soon!

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