Highlight: Women’s Fashion S/S 2016 New York

Anna Sui

First destination. New York. You will find here some of my selections of NYFW. To begin, I will firstly start with Anna Sui – above – who worked on a very colorful collection for Spring Summer 2016. The woman is on vacation mode through cropped tops and dresses. You are basically brought to some islands by simply looking at the different looks. On the very left, the swimsuit has this red roses and green leaves print that directly reminds me of tattoos but adding the kimono, the entire look feels very Asian in a way – or Hawaiian, just like the next blue dress. I am usually not really into all kind of holes because it feels like a fishing net most of the time but the look in the middle shout out to me, the jacket is perfect on top of a all white or beige outfit. Then the green look is the one I would wear in the city when the weather is very good, sunny but not too hot. Nothing extravagant, but still fashionable. Finally we end up with Gigi, the sporty model from Australia who wrote an open letter on Instagram about her body, wearing a red beach dress.

Moving on to the next show. It is time to go to the rendez-vous at the dress paradise. New York is the place. Carolina Herrera is the name. Chic is the word. Pink and love, black and rivalry. I am totally in love with these baby pink dresses. You are going to tell me, it is your Chinese genes! Yes maybe. Chinese people love this color and Japanese will say ‘it’s so kawaiiiii’. It is basically one of these shades that clearly emphasizes a girl, so femininity. I admire the way she works and plays with the fabrics. I would not be able to choose between these five looks, how terrible is this? Cocktail, gala reception, work, chill, everyday, are respectively the occasions I would wear these gorgeous pieces. Be beautiful, be different, be unique, be yourself.

Carolina Herrera
Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott, the one and only pop designer, created bimbo like silhouettes. Models looked like dolls, or some sort of cartoon characters. These 80’s outfits are very punchy. It gives colors and life to the woman wearing the clothes. Gigi Hadid opened the show with bicolor cropped top and mini skirt, then the second look refers to a slightly 90’s kind of belly-free oversized sweater. After that, the yellow and magenta swimsuit tends more towards a pin-up style. Then comes the arty dress, a feel of street art even, painted abstractly, to finally end up with a more modern metallic silver skirt. I feel like he put together different periods of time but always with the same theme, which is, brilliant.

Valentino’s baby brand, Red Valentino is indeed presented in NYC. The face of the nice and wise girl is the dominant signature of the brand. Peter Pan collar is often seen married with laces, silk or flowers. Pastel colors are chosen over flashy ones. Have you seen this well dressed girl going to school? She has this simple look but people notice her. It is her. I think the two first ones are some of the looks that Alexia Chung would wear.

Red Valentino
Karen Walker (top) – ZAC Zac Posen (bottom)

We are going to finish with Karen Walker, every piece of jeans is so well designed, weather on skirt, trouser, or dress. This light blue is very easy to match with anything white. Her metallic gold short that I totally fell in love with is probably one of the must have I suggest for next season. And we are ending up with a sporty chic look sweater skirt and derby, if you want to spend an entire day outside just walking around. Last but not least, ZAC Zac Posen‘s first look I picked is somehow close to what we can found at premium brands stores such as Maje for instance, then the second one would be related to The Kooples, I would say because of the print? And eventually the last one reminds me to high fashion but the way it floats is amazing for a beach walk!

Fashion is a way to escape, it is a tool to propel your creativity, to create a mindset, to nourish a connection. Fashion is a lifestyle. Wether you are among the ones who design or the ones who wear them, the energy put in all this is incredible.


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