Highlight: Men’s Fashion Week S/S 16


Women’s Fashion Week just started, but before that, let’s have a look on the other gender. I am calling the men first! I’ve been thinking to approach the theme in a different way and I want it to be more fun and joyful with a different design when it comes to something similar. You will understand what I am saying by reading the full article. By talking with friends and acquaintances, I realized that we have a total opposite vision. As a female, what is beautiful and interesting for me is so different from what a male thinks. Also we need to focus on the different style whether someone is into chic, minimalist or sporty etc. Moreover between girls, the thoughts are split as well. Let’s get started!

Men’s Fashion Week: London Milan Paris

   When it comes to Burberry I directly think about colors, but this season Christopher Bailey kept it simple and not as much colorful as the previous collections. Whether it is a trench or a long coat, he knows how to play the game. The silhouette is well defined for a classy look. Among this I have chosen a female look in the middle. This black and white dress is perfectly adapted for both day and night use, pairing it with wedge heel for one and stiletto heel for the other, adding a business woman handbag or a wallet on chain for the evening.

   As for Tom Ford, the style is very recognizable, first with the identity of the pictures proper to the brand then the sunnies paired with the suits drawing a thin silhouette. The tow looks in the middle featuring Lucky Smith, very trendy model at the moment, emphasizes a more rock feel with the leather jacket. Finally the last two ones with a beautiful mix of colors in blue shades are the TF bow tie looks that are pretty iconic.

Tom Ford

Let’s get some fun with this part. Among the shows I reviewed, I found out some particularly interesting looks. The first one is from Andrea Pompilio where the whole character refers – for me – to a mix of the Dalton brothers and Wally (Charlie for the French). Well yes, I still have a part of myself that is stuck into childhood but who cares. Then the second one is from Antonio Marras. At first sight, it directly reminded me of Hokusai’s work. It happened to be an exhibition at the end of last year in Paris. The waves have the same shape as tentacles and the color range is pretty similar as well. And once again, it is entirely up to me. It is about what I see through the work. To me, it is somehow a good memory exercice to find out what it could be similar, I don’t know what you guys think, tell me!

Andrea Pompilio
Antonio Marras

Back to the serious part now with the Brioni show. I like the first one as it reminds of a trench but with a shady light greyish blue. Easy to match with jeans or any pants, I personally love it. Then the second one refers to a previous Etro collection, this pattern with a cross, like a grid almost. Moving on to the one in the middle. I love the colors, the mix of white and several greens with this graphic pattern gives a touch in a simple day look. As for the next one, you can wear it under a sweat so it gives a little more vivid colors to a grey outfit. The last one is a good casual, well thought, well matched look.
What would be a men’s fashion week without mentioning Dolce and Gabbana? Of course it is always innovative and different but you can recognize the allure just by looking at the look and this is the power of the brand. Between art and Asia, the patterns mostly highlights nature, such as birds, bamboos, … I guess the fabric is silk by seeing how floaty the PJs look like. The one in the middle is an oversized traditional look with dragons on it, where a Chinese atmosphere is infused in the collection. However the graphic minimalist top is not really D&G… I bet the bottom is so comfy though… This season doesn’t have a lot of suits compared to the previous one.
Finally a bit of summery colors in the red range with Etro! Once again Lucky Smith is at the rendez-vous with a silk scarf pattern look that is so matchy with his hair color and skin tone, I am totally blown away. Then we have three other nice outfit that I like with Jordy in the grey look who happens to be one of my friend’s friend. Well, die Welt is zu klein!!! (the world is too small). Mein Gott!
One last pick for Milan Fashion Week is Neil Barrett. I hate the basic green kaki camouflage pattern but when it is well done, I just love it. Just like this grey black and grey white style. Easy to match, with either black or white sneakers. Actually it is more like a camouflage/leopard kind of pattern, that’s why. Both looks on the middle should be worn on black people as the colors will be stronger and more beautiful with the contrast.



Dolce & Gabbana




Neil Barrett



Paris Fashion Week wasn’t as exciting as Milano. I don’t know why, neither what happened. It wasn’t inspiring for me. I picked up Valentino because I don’t need a Valentine, but only Valentino!
The camouflage outfits are spotted again, but to me I find it more difficult to wear this type of soldier-like three color mix. The thing is I wanted to focus on the bags that I really like on the contrary. The patterns are pretty similar to what they are wearing but it looks nicer on the backpack…

To conclude, it is each time, each season as much exciting for me to review men’s style so you guys can have an idea of how to match your outfit and what to wear. It is inspiring to me so hope it can be for you as well. Hope you liked it, see you soon for the women’s collection very very soon!




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