Highlight: Couture A/W 15/16

Elie Saab © Gianni Pucci

Hello peeps! Back in the game for a little fashion review. Late I am, late I am… but I couldn’t just ignore the princess world that is this fairytale full of dresses. As always some designers are a must. Their attendance is inevitable. Not to say that their designs are unbelievable and make all of us dream, dream and escape.
First of all, Elie Saab (above) is coming back with more colors compared to last season. Even if we are in a pastel color range, a dark grape purple slipped into the collection. I love this color! Although the main designs look very familiar, a few exceptions get noticed. For instance the last dress in my selection. Flowers on a black background, floating but not laces, it really has a light impression, impression of elevation and comfort. To compare again and again with Zuhair Murad, I think they are slightly diverging but slightly. The long laced dresses and playing with the transparency are usually what makes them ressemble. In this collection, Murad is still faithful to himself but this galaxy atmosphere is very different from the last collection.

Zuhair Murad © Yannis Vlamos
Alexandre Vauthier © Kim Weston
   Alexandre Vauthier is coming back with a Native American theme playing with length and fringes. Women’s breasts are revealed in a delicate way through a plunging neckline. The waist and the hip are well defined for a long and infinite line. In each of his Couture collections, a rock touch can be found, and this is why it doesn’t always have the proper couture glance. In a total different world, Atelier Versace offers a colorful collection. Whereas last season was stuck into black, white, red and blue mainly, this time the joy is felt all around. The fairies are coming out of the woods by a still night. Some designs look like they are tore up but it is done with thoroughness. From geometrical lines to flowers, nature like designs, Versace will incessantly be surprising.
Atelier Versace © Yannis Vlamos
Valentino © Umberto Fratini

Valentino attacks with a black dominant color. Last year’s ethnic prints was a little bit more colorful while this season, we stay in the dark with splits of red. The work is obviously recognizable through the details. The silhouette is long, refined. I am totally in love with the fourth dress. Very simple but it has this something that makes you crazy. My crush of couture autumn winter 2015 2016 for sure! One thing that also strikes me is this Greek feel, with crowns looking like laurel wreath – the last two looks of Vauthier (above) remind me of ancient goddesses, is it because of the mix of colors that are black and gold, or white and gold? Anyway, Valentino’s roots are still well defined, viva Italia!

Chanel. What to say? I could talk about it for ages… The art of sticking to the DNA and keeping up the track with the time. The power of innovation and creativity. The ability to surprise with an unexpected scenery once again. Club Privé was taking place at Casino de Paris, which already implies an opposite atmosphere to last collection’s Jardin Fleuri. The majority of the looks are totally wearable. Half of them looks more for an everyday use, while the other part more for events. What would be a Chanel show without tailors? Here are a few nude/beige looks that are absolutely amazing. I will never see enough tailors that they will all be different. Respect. In a serious atmosphere with celebrities playing casino in the back, the entire show has been perfectly orchestrated. Last but not least, the dresses are very delicate, full of embroideries which means hours, days of work! Wait… What is this wedding look that Kendal Jenner is wearing?

Chanel © Yannis Vlamos
Chanel © Yannis Vlamos



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