Un Giro de Gondola in Venezia

Venice, Italy © Anna Tai
   After arriving, a couple hours is needed in order to settle at the hotel, take a shower, so the adventure can begin. Walking around the neighborhood is a good way to discover the secret places. Once arrived at the Rialto market, I firstly saw gondolas and decided to have a tour. Such a nice way to travel this way, slowly, peacefully. Looking around by the movement of water, sometimes even stuck in traffic, what a funny situation it was! It is also very surprising not to see any cars, different and uncommon but this is what makes the city’s charm. Not to be missed is the well known gelato of course. It may seem anodyne but it is part of life’s little pleasures which emphasizes a big part of what you can do and what can cheer you up. Enjoy the simple things and the simplest things!

Moving on to the touristy Piazza San Marco, full of people. Its beautiful architecture makes its specificity. Right next to the sea, the view of the buildings on the opposite side conveys a feeling of freedom. It’s so different from Paris. The city really has its own identity, through its romanticism mainly. All the buildings surrounded by small streets somehow form a kind of labyrinth and believe me or not, you need to be good in geography if you don’t want to get lost! Moreover there is no logic in the numbers if you are looking for an address. It works by area: the higher the number is, the more you will have to go in a specific direction. In the end, it is pretty fun!
In terms of fooding, I would highly recommend two restaurants. You will find some pictures bellow. The first one – Birraria La Corte – is more touristy, very spacious, terrace outside, a room inside and some seats in between in the little courtyard. The presentation of the meals are nice, even more for the desserts. I haven’t tried a lot but everything looked good. Unfortunately the tiramisu wasn’t as crazy as I would have expected… Then, the other one – AI Garzoti – is a local restaurant. I bumped into it completely randomly, I was looking for a supermarket to get some water. It is a small restaurant next to a canal. The food is very traditional, well done, and not expensive at all. The service is lovely. Fed up of students pastas, I got to try real ones, penne with beef cooked in red wine. Delicious. Far from the carbonara or pesto ones that we prepare when we have to hurry up! One of the best thing is precisely to find the secret places and not going to the touristy ones.

Birraria La Corte
Birraria La Corte
  What’s next? Murano, Burano, Torcello. It is indeed possible to do all this in a couple of days! It’s a mental thing. If you have a ten days lasting trip, you will unconsciously take your time and chill most of the time. Whereas if you have just a few days, you will try to see the most you can which includes getting up early. On some travel websites, they suggest about only three bullet points for a two days stay. I don’t agree. You can definitely see more and everything remains in your own will.
   The first island I went to was Murano. Its specificity is glass making. I attended a demonstration of an artisan. He was actually doing a vase right in front of everyone. Putting the material in the fire going up to 500 degrees celsius, working on it by giving it a form, blowing in it to make it grow, working on the colors, … It is mind-blowing to see the entire process of somebody making it – on the contrary of machines. Nothing else to see here, Murano’ economy is based on glass.
   Secondly, Burano. Oh dear. What a incredible place it is!! Colors represent a lot. It gives this happy and joyful feel. It brightens up everything. People are taking pictures, trying to be creative. It was a lot of fun! Sometimes darker, sometimes lighter, all types of colors were on the homes. Once again, it is one of the most basic things but if you can enjoy it, then this is all you need.
   Last but not least, Torcello, which is a cute little island, has a homy feel. Although it doesn’t have a lot to see, wandering around is like having some fresh air, even though it was so hot… We bumped into a wedding here, right next to the church in the garden, it was the third wedding within two days! I don’t know what happens, is that some sort of a sign? I don’t even want to know haha.
Murano, the city of colorful houses
AI Garzoti – Venezia
AI Garzoti – Venezia
To summarize, you can do a lot in only two days.
What to do in Venice, Italy?
What to see in Venice, Italy?
Rialto market
Piazza San Marco
Piazzale Roma
What to see around Venice, Italy?
Where to eat in Venice, Italy?
Birraria La Corte, Campo San Polo 2168
AI Garzoti, San Croce 890/891
San Croce – Venezia
© All rights reserved – Anna Tai

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