Four Seasons to Hyde Park

Bar at Four Seasons
   Last but not least about London! Real quick on some bullet points. After visiting quite a few hotels, the Four Seasons London is visually and architecturally not my favorite one. I can’t like all of them or you will think I’m sponsored haha. The skeleton of this one is mixed, not entirely defined I guess. Only the red is found everywhere, is it for the Asian occupants? What is probably worth trying would be the bar which looks very nice and also a spa moment or a fitness session. These last two are located on the top with a view on the City, London Eye and Big Ben. By a quite clear sky, it would be a moment of escape, or domination for some people who like being superior, who knows.

   Anyways, London is quite different from Paris. It has its own charm, its own specific little something, is it the British accent? I don’t know, but I like it! It might sound weird but listening to a Briton makes me happy in a way. The accent is so special, it is simply life’s tiny little pleasures. This is why enjoying the moment is key. Troubles can be avoided as long as you can or should I say – as you want it to turn into the good way.
   Right after, a walk in the huge and well known Hyde Park is a must. Flowers. Spotted. Me. Happy. It is a choice. It does not come first on its own. Nature is beautiful, life is beautiful, and you are beautiful. Everyone lives his own life and this is why, stories are worth sharing, because no one will have the same. Life is not what we have lived but what we remember to tell about. These moments when you are only surrounded by nature are the right time to think, think about everything, think about who you are, what you want to do, what you like, etc. Just like swimming. I love clearing my mind. Sometimes you need to withdraw for a little while in order to progress and go forward in a better way. This post won’t be too long as there are more coming soon!


Spa at Four Seasons

Bar at Four Seasons
Hyde Park



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