French Inspiration by Madame Figaro


   Hello peeps ! What’s hot this week ? Well, well, well, there is always something going on ! Except the fact that the weather decided to act randomly, these days I am working on a workshop based on colors. It interests me a lot because first of all, I have always been amazed by anything psychology related or neuroscience studies kind of things. Life is what is spontaneous but also what you don’t notice. And this is what makes all the difference. You live your life day to day and what feels good is the moment you take once in a while to think. Thinking is key, it helps you to make a point on what surrounds you. To have a break somehow if you live in a big city where everything is going so fast.
   I always admit it is a good thing to live in a philosophic way. In a way you escape from reality but it happens by having a larger perspective of seeing things differently.

   Colors don’t exist. Yes, this is true. It is all about physics and wavelengths. Did you know women can see more colors than men ? Well now you do. Same as for a baby, until year 1 he can only see yellow and red. Nature will always surprise me. We often neglect the importance of colors but we shouldn’t because it does have a significant impact on how we act and react. It is like a force we can not control as it plays on our brains. However it is everywhere, and we play with it, especially in editorials or advertising where you need to communicate through images.
   Now I want to talk about Madame Figaro quite a little. They have planned to launch a new magazine in English dedicated to ‘global shoppers’ or ‘luxury travelers’. Having the chance to discover it before it comes out, I totally approve this new edition. Always anchored in culture, it sticks to the roots through the pages of inspiration. Moreover, the idea is to appreciate the French touch. Well done through Marion Cotillard who emphasizes the international French woman, but also through the portrait of Caroline de Maigret, model, music producer and writer of the ‘How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are’ book. And of course, although he is German, how could we miss the one and only Herr Lagerfeld ? The genius who has managed to pursue Mademoiselle Chanel’s work by knowing the Frenchie perfectly. You can discover his dream house in this issue as well. Otherwise, pages of lifestyle and good adresses in Monaco, Saint Tropez, Nice and Cannes are suggested if you are attending Dior cruise show, Cannes Film Festival, or simply heading there for some vacation in the beautiful South of France.
   Stéphanie Jolivot, editor at Madame Figaro, joined us for our weekly professional meeting last week and I would like to focus on a few point she mentioned.
What counts is not to be loved but to be preferred
The fact that you want something to be preferred means you basically want it to be the first in its field. This leads you to the quest of excellence through hard work and that will make the difference.
In this world where everything accelerates, we have to slow down
Luxury has become the opposite of what is common. As well as when we say luxury is to disconnect yourself by going to rehab on an island without your phone, computer etc., living slower implies enjoying more. Thus the instant is perceived in a total different way.
To be different, you need to have conviction, a vision and take risks
Our communication professor always insists on taking risks because if you don’t, you’d never know if your idea can lead to something big. Not taking any risk is actually the biggest risk you’re taking.
She definitely thinks that paper is absolutely not dead, but it has to go up in requirement. At the same time, her daily work is to manage innovation which is translated into the latest baby I-MAD. Moreover she assure that content is king, context is queen, connection is jack, conversation is ace but above all, relation is the key for everything!
A : What would be the link between luxury and press (paper version)?
SJ : Obviously a certain connivance, we are a luxury brand by the way. I think we are the best ambassador of luxury. Indeed Madame Figaro deals with savoir-faire, innovation,  creativity, we start with heritage as well. And we also develop brand content. In the end luxury is the biggest and the most beautiful sponsor for press. If there is no luxury anymore, … press wouldn’t be the same ! (laughing) But the campaigns are beautiful. The demand is here and what’s interesting is that we work with the same photographers. Same networks!
A : Nowadays, we say that luxury is to disconnect yourself from technology, in terms of press, what would luxury represent ?
SJ : Luxury would be the ultimate come back of the paper, but we also did luxury on digital because we are in the mood of ‘so chic‘ and luxury today is about ‘so chic‘. That means being able to disconnect, knowing how to play hard to get, manage the silence versus super show-off communication. Humility is a very important choice for us. Others will say that luxury is time but it is not bling bling anymore. I think the real luxury comes from the inside and not the outside.
A : Last words ?
SJ : What’s important today is not to follow fashion but to have your own style. Moreover it stays!
with Stéphanie Jolivot

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