30th International Festival of Fashion & Photography in Hyères

 © Alice Herbaux

Hyères is a little town located near Toulon in the South of France. It welcomes the International Festival of Fashion & Photography for already 30 years. As a student and passionate about fashion and photography, I couldn’t miss the event. From April 23rd to 27th, the program was intense. I could only go there for a couple days 26th-27th as I had my Chanel training session the days before. Why am I talking about this ? Well. This year is so Chanel. First of all, I’m glad to be able to do my internship there during Summer and I can’t wait ! Secondly, this year’s main sponsor is… Chanel ! Not even do I have to mention the fact that there is an exhibition in Bonn on Karl Lagerfeld as well. Anyway. It’s just too much going on, and this is a good thing ! Nevertheless, for each first time, it is often a mess. It is a whole discovery process. I admit it was very difficult to find my own marks there for only two days. Knowing myself, I was indeed checking everything on the internet before. Map, addresses, transportation. Surprisingly it didn’t rain on Sunday although it was supposed to but this is a good point ! I didn’t know there were shuttles going to the Villa Noailles, basically on top of a little mountain. Guess what. I worked out. We were climbing.

Once arrived. Released we were ! It felt like 40°C… Then we started with Chanel Innovation : embroidered dresses with sequins, another in neoprene with laces, folding reminding Japanese origamis, feathers, … everything that refers to the savoir-faire. Chanel Couture is always surprising by its ability to be innovative, new but at the same time to keep its DNA, the history, and the craftsmanship it has always had. Another opportunity to see closer, the unbelievable details of Lagerfeld’s work. As well as the other exhibition where Lagerfeld’s genius was once again translated into photographies but also paintings. Above all man of knowledge and talent, a man I respect so much !
I won’t talk much about the others in terms of designs or objects because I didn’t feel anything special about the creations.

Later on, the shows were taking place at Salin des Pesquiers. I was so impatient to discover the fashion designs of the ones in competition ! Front rowing again, I shot, then edited, and uploaded the video ! Check it out here. I totally fell in love with Wieke Sinnige. Her collection was perfectly feminine and sensual. The work is impressive through pleats, sequins, etc. The music was so accurate and well chosen as well. Don’t be mistaken but this is also very important. The moment I saw her designs, I knew she was going to win ! Tadam !
Otherwise in terms of photography, I wasn’t so impressed by the works. However, Sushant Chhabria turned it in a funny way by creating tiny little pictures of deceased people. And Evangelia Kranioti was probably the one I would have chosen myself. Very poetic and deep, her photographies are really telling a story letting your inspiration go whatever it wants to. What I also like is the way she apprehends light. In each of the photos exhibited, there was something to do with the lighting.

The day after, we had planned an embroidery session with Maison Lesage but I will write a separate article about this atelier. Going back to the Villa Noailles, we finished all the different exhibitions then we met Jean Pierre Blanc, the founder of the festival. During press lunch, everyone was there, designers, some models, journalists etc and I guess this is a good opportunity to go and talk to people ! Short journey but very tiring ! We didn’t have the chance to go to parties because once in our hotel room, Morphée was calling… Back in Paris, on track again, let’s go !


Fashion jury : Virginie Viard, Princess of Hanover, Caroline de Maigret, India Mahdavi, Anna Mouglalis, Loïc Prigent, Carine Roitfeld, Sébastien Tellier, Anthony Vaccarello, Joana Vasconcelos, Oliviere Zahm
with Jean Pierre Blanc
© All Rights Reserved – Anna Tai

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