Opera Gallery : Reopening

It was quite a big deal. Red carpet, champagne, macarons, truffles… everything was set up to welcome journalists, art lovers, buyers and art collectors. Spread on 1000 square meters, paintings as well as sculptures, designs pieces and photographies from artists of the 20th century are in the spotlight. The founder, Gilles Dyan, is well known for its generalist galleries – twelve in total, where all kind of artists can be found from Picasso to Dali, through Soulages, Chagall, Dubuffet, Niki de Saint Phalle… Modern, young and lively, the atmosphere is balanced by some pop music or asian sounds for a well condition of walk-and-appreciate moments. Separated from the two floors, the veranda shelters a couple sculptures in a New Yorker feel. But before all this, 62 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré is an address bloomed by beautiful stories of the French capital. Head office of the perfumery Roger & Gallet in 1931, it became in 1991 Versace’s flagship afterwards and here it is today embodying art.

The location is perfectly chosen in order to appreciate art. For our eyes’ pleasure to enjoy several techniques for different results. Moving from modern art to contemporary art woke up my sense of curiosity because yes, art is about freeing your imagination and I like questioning myself about why, what, how. Sometimes, or should I say more often than expected, it happens to be abstract and the amazing part of this is that your mind can go pretty far by analyzing all the details. Why did the artist choose this color, why did he paint or make it, is there any link between the art piece and his life ? Art is a way to picture another world.

Son Bong-Chae’s Sound of Water, sound of wind is very inspiring. The blue is deep. The superposition of the four layers is very beautiful, creating a peaceful atmosphere around it. The combination of the trees makes one unique and complex tree. Otherwise Marcello Lo Giudice’s Yellow / Sun is an intriguing case of the notion of luxury. It is based on oil and pigment which is starting to fall off the original work but the question is, is it the price to pay in order to have access to a part of luxury ? We have always seen that luxury is timeless nevertheless if we take the problem in reverse, why can it not be ephemeral ? Studies underline the fact that consumers tend to purchase goods because it is ‘trendy at the moment’. Consumers even arrive at a point where they buy counterfeiting to be ‘in’. So the notion of time is somehow apprehended in the opposite way. Leading to what is really art ? an expression of ideas, thoughts, luxury, creativity, one’s vision, …? Art lasts during ages – people are still so amazed by Picasso’s works while other artists are unknown but really talented. And this is also something the gallery is conveying by its generalist style as we come to discover artists we didn’t know.

In comparison with the previous article, it is also pleasing to see how art lovers talk about their babies. A man was saying how he fell in love with an Asian artist’s work. Made of iron wire, depending on the angle, a gracious lady appears. He couldn’t wait to receive it. And once again, the time effect is playing hard – the waiting part, specific to luxury as well, is part of the ceremonial. It is always a pleasure to meet new people and to talk to them. No matter who I talk to, I always learn something and this makes every moment so special.

Nick Gentry
Mauro Corda
Son Bong-Chae
Lee Jae Hyo
Alessandro Algardi
Marcello Lo Giudice
Valay Shende
David Mach
Ran Hwang

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