Retromobile & Tour Auto

Tour Auto April 2015
   Yesterday was the technical scrutineering day of the Tour Auto. The Grand Palais was filed of 230 cars. From blue to red, yellow to green, from Jaguar to Ferrari, Alpine to Porsche, from France to America, all kind of racing automobiles with drivers from several nationalities were aligned in order to get ready for the next day. Indeed the race started this morning in Vichy, following tomorrow with Clermont-Ferrand, then on the 23rd Toulouse, Pau on the 24th to end up with Biarritz on the 25th.

   For either both events – Tour Auto & Retromobile, it feels totally incredible to see passionate people being amazed by the little pearls that are cars. A lot of them belongs to the past – 1950 to 1980 mostly. I basically had parts of history in front of me. Thus the evolution of the designs were streaming and streaming. Although there is a significant change, it is always interesting to see the perception of several decades ago. The shapes were completely different. Moreover there was a
   I know pretty much nothing about the technical side of cars in general. Nevertheless, there is one thing I can freely talk about. The beauty of hard work. Whether the vintage cars themselves by their entire aspect or their owners. Why ? I felt something quite unique that could be found anywhere for any field. Passion. They were cherishing their cars like babies. I could feel the love for something that matters to them. Something important and meaningful. Somehow rare. Somehow precious. Luxury is surely not about the price, it’s about the value it has to you. What it means, what it has to tell you, what it went through. How long it is going to last because it is in a way, a part of you.
   Specialized events are a must go. You get to meet people who have the same interests. Could be anything. The same process is applied when you finish high school and have to choose a uni. Funnel effect. More and more you’ll find yourself being with people who share the same tastes. Of course it’s also key to meet people who are completely different and this is how you’re going to grow up, to learn a lot and to discover the world. In the end, it’s all about being curious about life. Eyes everywhere, ears everywhere.
Retromobile February 2014
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