What’s Behind the ‘W’?

   On a weekly basis, our school organizes a professional meeting from either three of our specialized sectors including fashion, luxury or design. As I’m used to say, practice is essential but you also need theory to be clear in your mind. Let’s say something about 60/40. Having a consistent background helps you to act in the right way. Indeed, almost everything in the world is somehow connected : this explains that. Facing a concrete situation of someone who has real experiences during a conference is one of the best way to understand a little bit better the wild world we call ‘business world’.

   As students, it was a great opportunity to have Mister Cédric Dauch, communication director at J.M. Weston, with us. This French brand, yes I said French, don’t be mistaken, is a real representation of savoir-faire. Created by Édouard Blanchard, the name comes from a little town not far away from Boston he fell in love with. Since 1891, it has been offering extremely good quality shoes for men and to be honest, I am impressed by its DNA. Not even they have their own factory but they raise their own cows to be able to obtain the right leather as it has to be perfect, no scratches, no flaws, nothing. This is luxury. In other words, the quest of a high required level. The thorough work underlines its must-have dimension, indeed, we often hear that ‘a father chooses a pair of Weston in order to celebrate his son’s first job‘. Being associated with such an important turning point of one’s life and achievement reinforces the brand’s value. No matter what, being discreet is the same as being humble and this is what makes Weston unique in its own way. Have you ever noticed any extravagant visual details ? No, and that’s where the point is, you will only find a little on the shoes or an almost-non-visible W on the seam of a bag or what’s fondamental is that only a connoisseur will understand that a third white plus two third taupe is one of the house’s code.
   He said, and I 100% agree with him ‘you’ll be good in what you like”. It joins what I always repeat which is ‘do what you like, live with passion’ because when you like something you will give your entire heart to make it as good as possible and this is what Cédric wanted to convey. He worked a long time for Printemps thereby realized it wasn’t for him anymore, thus you have to find something that’s right up your alley because you change, you grow up and your interests evolve. The old you is different from the new you and eventually what I noticed is never be afraid of the future, you will find your way and find a job you like according to your desire and your personality.




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