Coco Crush by Chanel

I’m in love with the Coco… the one and only Coco Chanel of course ! It is always a pleasure for me to discover Chanel’s new jewelry collections. They always manage to surprise me in the presentation room. The place remains the same but each time the whole display differs and I am so impressed !
There was a short film playing on a padded wall while the jewels were set in a padded glossy black table I first thought was a piano.

This new collection is entirely dedicated to the quilted motif. For now, it is composed of a cuff and three different sizes for the rings. In gold or silver (only two sizes of rings), the brand’s code is engraved in the material. The radiance of Chanel is reflected once again. Stuck between the house’s history and today’s world, this collection is simple and modern.

Another side of this launch is the ‘back to childhood’ dimension they wanted to convey. If you concentrate for a while you will realize that the paper fortune teller is only made of square shapes. Who says square says quilted motif ! Chanel is everywhere. It was a lot of fun to see the magician play with the paper sheet in order to make the ring appear as in the video.
NB : I’ve got some very exciting news coming soon so stay tuned guys !!!

Happy Easter ! Coco, cocotte, cock, choco, because you know, everything is related !

gold ring in the smallest size





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